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Worship is Fellowship with God

Worship Part 6 – Worship is fellowshipping with God

God has direct contact and fellowship with mankind.  It started in the Garden during the age of innocence and followed in the tent with Abraham during the period of promise, tabernacle, temple, church age; and now we are in the age of the kingdom when Jesus preached with certainty that the kingdom of God is at hand. Sensual men in this age of the kingdom separated from Christ and His followers and form themselves their own world with the ungodly and sinful exercise of their newfound passion, money, power and control.  

When you have all of these three in you,  they become a magnet for wicked work. Maybe they cannot buy everything but they can buy many things to enjoy a temporal life on this earth. Money springs power and power can be used to make money work for a person.  

By having so much power brought by money somebody can fall in love with it. By the power vested in them by their love of money which is evil, they control the movement of the less powerful and could end up dictating how to live their lives. There was a time in Israel’s ancient history of a powerful king during Daniel’s time who dictated who to worship. It was not the God that Daniel and his friends were worshiping, so this king’s power at work.

Nowadays in the US many influential politicians seem declaring war against God and majority of believers are not happy about it and humbly submit through prayers the decision to God. Through corruptions they generate lots of money and money gave them power and now they want control. God in due time will remove these ungodly work and many of us will still witness the outcome of that punishment.

Money is Power and Power is Control.

We can use the power of money in good or in evil ways. It can save lives and takes lives.  Money can control church governance. It can also change the way a church treats people in the congregation.  It could treat the high stake givers differently. There are at times that some church volunteers when given a choice whom to serve, choose money than to serve in the church.  Their passions are more in the convenience of the flesh than the sacrifice in serving the visible church.  

Attending worship service and receiving the grace purifies our heart and overcomes whatever uncomfortable situation the world has given us. This situation will eventually overshadow by prayers according to the rule of His word. God will not allow the wicked to snatch you from His hand.

Once we are in God’s hand it is certain that we are saved. Our prayers are most likely to prevail when we pray in the Holy Spirit and under his guidance and influence, with great faith and much hope and true love, the assurance that they can get closer but never they can touch us nor grab us and separate us from the love of God. Worship can keep our faith alive and continue to release the sweet aroma of the Holy Spirit that chases the bad spirit away.

We must watch over one another and must stay connected with fellowship faithfully and prudently to each other. We have to set a good example and let it be known to all about us with God and how lost we are without Him. This must be done with passion with God and compassion in men or this will be with no effect and it is a mistake if we call the name of God and turns to be in vain.

The difference when we worship God in Spirit and worship in the flesh depends on the influence of the majority of the worshippers. When we are surrounded by flesh with darkened thoughts they are hypocrites and their presence can be discerned and the worship will turn worldly and the absence of the Spirit can be felt. In order for the worship to be in Spirit, the worshipper must be in Spirit.

“Jesus said that God is a Spirit and to worship it must be in Spirit and in truth.” Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:20-22(NIV) “To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law, I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law.”

This is also the same that in order to understand how the birds sing and communicate, we have to be a bird and to understand and learn how the ants work we have to be an ant.

When we are surrounded by people who earnestly worship God, the truth speaks and when we are gathered together in His name He is always  in the midst of everyone. When the Holy Spirit pours upon us during worship, the flesh has no place to interfere or distract us. The ways of God are higher than our ways and the worker of flesh knows it.  

Where there is worship there is the presence of fellowship; where there is no sin, there is nothing to confess; where there is no sorrow, and then joy will dominate.  Where there is holiness, there is God; perfection comes with joy and to have a perfect worship it must come from God and must be of God and no one else. Evil can do evil perfection but never they can imitate perfection of good or they will not be evil.

All sincere believers were given to the Son of the Father; and of all that was given to him, He has lost nothing, nor will lose anyone. If He loses one, He will surely find it. Constant worship will prevent us from totally falling to sin and when the time comes that the weakness of the flesh to deception and temptations comes into play and uncontrolled, it is time to call our redeemer who is able to keep us from falling so that we shall be presented blameless before the presence of His glory and then God will rejoice over us, and the joy of the Son will be completed.

The worship of God involves the whole of us and every act we perform must be sacred and dedicated only to Him. There is nothing more important than sound teachings in a church and music is given a priority to begin the service.  

Music signals the start of the service and it appeals to the congregation and brings joy and sometimes gives Goosebumps to some who believe that it is a sign that songs are anointed by God. Music chosen with unbiblical thoughts only gives many to stumble.

If we feel concern that it will do more harm than good to the congregation with strong conviction, we should follow what our conscience dictates and with such convictions and rejection with the praise and worship service must be brought to the attention of the church leadership with the spirit of gentleness and humility.

Any concern by the churchgoers especially the regular and committed members must not be ignored for the edification of the congregation as a whole. We should expect action in order to settle the issue peacefully. When the decision-makers do not agree,  then instead of making noise out of it we just gently and quietly leave the congregation.

The absence will surely be missed by members especially in the small church while in a megachurch they won’t even notice especially the leaders that don’t even know them. God knows our hearts and when we ask He will send us to the new place.

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