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Earth’s Angels

Earth’s Angels-Children of God

Suppose you know yourself, then you know your parents well, and so as your siblings. You know their behavior and moral character better than anyone else does. Therefore, like other people, they are the ones who know themselves and their families fully and understand why they act and react to certain things. When it happens, and they offend somebody, it could be a mistake. Let us have one Spirit, not to be judgmental but to try to understand the reason behind that wrongful act. Human perfection was lost when the first man, Adam, sinned, and we inherited that imperfection. Sometimes, we do an offensive act without knowing or intending to harm someone’s feelings. Our tongues could be deadly when we do not control them. It could turn a good relationship badly, start gossip, anger, and lies, and be an outlet for twisting the word of God. On the other hand, it expresses love above all the missteps.

People sometimes commit erroneous acts of arrogance, self-conceitedness, and overreaction; sometimes, all these happen when they are unaware that they are offensive to others. However, if we know ourselves better than they know anyone that we know, we have to give way and be the one to adjust to their misguidance, ignorance, or lack of knowledge. When we do these things, we do what God wants us to” be: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

In the absence of the Son and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we belong to God’s kingdom and represent Him as Jesus presented the kingdom of God at hand. (Angel Noah Webster 1828 American dictionary means messenger. The Hebrew word for angel is Malach, and the Greek word Angelo’s)

We are the hope of earth’s survival; we are part of the chosen generation, and the key is for everyone to have Spirit and be in Spirit, start acknowledging that God exists in our lives, and start calling the name of the LORD, the God of all creations. The one true God and no one besides Him, the God that will not give His honor to anyone. Calling the name of the LORD from our hearts could save the earth doomed for destruction in a blink of an eye. Calling His name with humbleness can be a graceful act for us believers. When we send the message of grace to many people’s unbelief chief’s ears, we may seed knowledge into their hearts. We want them to hear that God is merciful enough to forgive sins and more than graceful enough to give an extension of life until they reconsider. However, it has a limited time but enough time to accept and acknowledge that there is nothing to enjoy without God. God could even extend the life of the oppressor to give up their unbelief and receive mercy and grace prematurely.

God is the Father of all, and like the angels in heaven, we shout aloud by confession that God is the God of all nations, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You could be Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or any other religion that believes that the one that calls the name of the LORD, our Father, our God who sent His Son Yehoshua delivered the message of God with the gift of salvation. Acknowledging God’s existence will save anyone who comes to Him and will peacefully leave this earth, leaving all human errors behind. (Jesus is an English translation, and I believe they should keep the name Yehoshua in every version of the Bible).

When God calls you to serve His purpose, and you respond immediately, not by impulse but by heart, you become a messenger or earth angel. God will never reject those who want to be with Him, but God looks at our hearts, even though He fully knows the truth in us. You will never be called or respond if your heart is not in His standard. God is all-knowing; we cannot play righteousness when we are not.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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