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The Mark of the Beast

What is the truth about the Mark of the Beast?

Is the Mark of the Beast a thing we Christians will have to face in the future, or are we facing it now?

First of all, who is the Beast? What is the mark of the Beast? Who is marked? What is the church? Who are the churches? Are the tribulations and rapture still going to happen? Did some happen already? Or is it happening right now?

If there will be judgment, it is not our body; it is not our soul because, as it is written souls, sin will die, so there is already a pre-judgment of our souls as Paul says that all have sinned and are short for the glory of God. When we talk about our Spirit, it is not ours; God owns it and will not judge His Spirit; the Spirit will return to Him. How will it be produced, and who will replace it if the bodies are already dead? Though it is an innocent question, “who will return it?” Do not forget that God is everywhere; when the Spirit leaves the body, it returns to God.

The human Spirit is a gift to all born with water and blood, and the image of God and likeness is upon them. When the Father of humanity disobeyed God, the Spirit that he had that we were supposed to have was degraded to spirit of man; but because of the sacrifice made by the second Adam, Jesus, he reconciled us to God and gave us a chance to be born again in the Spirit of God.

Our body, soul, and Spirit become one, and we call it me, I, or myself as a child of God; an individual has two natures: flesh and Spirit. Judge us by the Father of the sin that He knows we cannot resist because sin is part of our body for some reason; it becomes like a chronic disease that fights our body system. We can only be immune to sin disease by not missing our prescription from heaven, the daily dose of ACTS (adoration, confessions, thanksgiving, and supplications)—Prayer.

They are returning to the Beast’s mark; who is the Beast? We can assume that they are those powerful oligarchs controlling our lives, headed by the Prince of the world who fed their nostrils with the power of his air. These beasts hate people enjoying their lives. They choke us with the power of their money, but they know they cannot stop our souls. Our bodies all have the same ending: their money cannot change the outcome and will eventually see decay and join the dust of the ground.

The mark of the Beast is not a tattoo on the skin of the forehead but a mark on the heart of those who submitted to evil thoughts in exchange for money and lucrative promises, including power and authority to rule over the kingdom of those who rejected their deceitful acts and decided to be with righteous living. Their work can only discern the mark of the Beast; it could be outside making noise from broken storefront windows, looting, banging on parked cars, physically hurting those on their way, and stopping their behavior, including peace officers.

We can say that the mark on the forehead could mean the work of our mind, which is the starting point of our behavior, is purely evil thoughts, and the impact on our hand is the act of controlling human moral character. Many centuries ago, there were many different interpretations of the mark of the Beast, and they were all just opinions. Every generation has its own experience of hardship, famine, wars, survival of the fittest, the rule of the iron hand of the church, and Roman atrocities. From the Garden of Eden until civil governments are formed, people are more burdened with the corruption of the powerful.

Sometimes, the evil command comes from inside a well-protected building (leaders), mandating their minions what to do and when they signal to start the unruly behavior; these beasts are like robots that will do whatever whatever task they are commanded. They are part of the system that creates an unpleasant environment instead of a peaceful living. They seem to receive something to keep their loyalty and obedience to the Prince of the world. Even on deathbeds, these leaders will not give up their souls to their last evil breath.

Some beasts are good at playing church and entrap many to believe what they do and say is full of truth until these victims are hooked to this act and give their loyalty to these actors instead of committing to God. They also use innocent bodies as the front to do their wicked works and turn people away from believing that their own body is the church itself.

When the traditional church does not do what it is supposed to, like visiting orphans and widows, it is not obedient to the Word of God. We are the church, the body of Christ, giving authority to the leaders to manage the congregations’ finances instead of us doing the work. We delegate the work.

Our confidence as Christians is that we are the chosen ones to receive the gift of salvation, and every non-Christian can join in with humble submission and contrite hearts to the Father through the Son Jesus and be united as one Spirit.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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