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The Wages of Sin

Wages of Sin

The Wages of sin is death. Jesus’ death was caused by taking our sins, and his resurrection has proven the power of God over the Prince of the air. Jesus won the battle by being alive again and never seeing death always. However, his glorious body is sin-proof, and the Father of Lies will get his vengeance on the vulnerable, innocent people of God.

Jesus defeated death and victoriously regained the seat to the throne of righteousness. The sin made by the 1st Adam cost him the throne and paradise and allowed sins to enter the world. The corruption of the 1st Adam was wiped out by the work of the 2nd Adam and the other faith heroes listed in the book of the Hebrews.

Not only did human beings transgress the Law of God before our time, but we also belonged to those transgressors who were doomed to see corruption. Everybody, without exception, will meet death when they work against the will of God. Anyone, in heavenly places, on Earth, and even above and beyond the sky, will pay off their sins with death, including the rebellious angels who want to take His kingdom before the Earth’s foundation.

When God turned the switch on, and the light blinded the Prince of this world and his minions, they already knew that their end was near, knowing that they had nothing to lose but to be more aggressive in deceiving and tempting the people of God; with a thought that maybe the more people missed the mark, the more they can buy time to hold the judgment against them because they know that God wants all His people to be with Him. 

No matter what, they think they are already a loser, and the minions should open their eyes to the fact that there is no winning situation. Their leader wants to stay in power and is using them to continue his fight against our God Almighty. The power of the Prince of this world is ending, and his reign will soon perish on Earth and in all the places he does his evil work. He is prepared for this final battle against the plan of God. He knows God well because He was with God before the Earth’s foundation; likewise, he is God’s favorite angel.

God gave him almost everything except one: His supreme, immeasurable power and authority to rule over them. Though he rebelled against God, our God of mercy and grace, this Prince was given the Earth to rule with a warning without exception: ” Do not touch my anointed.”

The Devil has been called many different names in various heavenly places: Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan, Mephistopheles, the Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Lord of the Flies, the Antichrist, Father of Lies, Moloch, or simply Satan. He appeared with various physical descriptions: horns, long nails, hooves, feet, and a tail with a spearhead. The scary description by poet Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy (Inferno) brought fear into the minds of people from all walks of life. 

Jesus Christ redeemed us from the bondage of sin, an inheritance we do not need; our sins are wiped out, and we become a born-again creation from above. Sinners or saints, believers, non-believers, Jews, and Gentiles are covered by his redemptive work before the cross. Jesus was raised from the dead until his ascension to heaven, and the redeemed people returned to sin.

The sin has been erased, but the nature of humans remains intact. The heart of the flesh is waiting to be revived; if the mark is missed again, it will slowly come back to life. The sinful nature that man recreated can only be undone by man alone. Sin did not die on the cross; it made an Impact that comes back with a vengeance, devours the ignorant, and lacks knowledge of the word of God more aggressively.

Prophet Ezekiel preached that: the soul that sin dies, this means that it is the individual sinner; also, he said that the sin of the Father is not the sin of the Son;  likewise, the sin of the Son is not the sin of the Father. This is part of the freedom of the will. David prayed to ask for help and forgiveness; he said that “his soul is clinging to the ground.” We must be aware that we need to save our souls, not the flesh already owned by the dust of the Earth, and when David died, he saw the corruption of his body.

Adam surrendered the Earth to the Prince of the world and lost all the rights to rule over it. However, the people of God started to realize that we still have the right to reclaim the Earth through a good fight of faith, the hope of winning, and love to regain the lost paradise to perfection in the heavenly realm. The principalities can only exercise their potential to win the battle if we give up our right to fight against all odds.

Faith in God will give us back from above, and the Holy Spirit can only do so much because of our free will, but if we allow him to use us, there will be light on the path we take, and we must use the word of God to fight the good fight of faith. When there is light, it weakens the darkness. When the powerful word of God is used, they flee from us. Either the flesh or the soul when it sins, the consequence is death.

We do not work hard to go to hell, but we have to work hard for our salvation since the principalities with their prince rule this Earth, and they look at us like a scavenger who wants to get the Earth’s treasure. Therefore, we are a threat to their lifestyle and rebels to them who want to overthrow their kingdom.

In the Mount of Transfiguration, where the three disciples of Jesus witnessed the presence of Moses and Elijah while Jesus was transfigured, the voice from the cloud said to them, “This is my Son, my beloved Son, whom I am well pleased.” The appearance of Moses and Elijah made me suggest that both are in the flesh so that Peter, James, and John can recognize them. If they are in the flesh, they did not come from heaven, as the Scriptures said that flesh and blood could not enter the gate of heaven.

If they were dead, only cloth with flesh for that special event, then they died with sin since sin’s wages are death. Elijah and Enoch didn’t see the end. God took them to heaven. We can make another opinion that heaven (Garden of Eden) on Earth still exists; the paradise lost has been put to use where the righteous await before the final curtain goes down.

When Jesus told his disciples that the Father’s mansion had many rooms prepared for them, it was clear that the disciples would eventually die with the assurance that their destination was heaven.

In our lives, sin is one thing we can do without exerting any effort, and it is the sin of lying. Big or small, lies are still considered sins; white lies to avoid harm are also lies. God hates all liars and is doomed to take part in the lake of fire. God does not change His mind, and whatever he planned and said, He will do it, but God is full of mercy that He could change the circumstances without breaking the word He said.

Once the Prince of the world met the grace period and didn’t change, judgment would be handed to his minions. Our role as actors on this stage will be over, and we will face the real us when the curtain opens. I believe our souls will be saved and have a glorious body. What kind? I think it is not covered with flesh but something else not revealed in this generation.

May the good LORD of Host bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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