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The Kingdom – Who are we in the Kingdom?

Is this pandemic a wake-up call for a change? Will the governments of many nations change? Will the citizens of this world change? Will the church government change? Will the old ways be forced to change to loving and caring ways? Are we still the Church, or are we now the Kingdom?

Why did COVID-19 become a learning tool for all the church leaders and the churchgoers, listeners, and doers of the Word, tithes, or no tithes givers? What message did we learn from this pandemic? Did anyone notice the feelings of worshipping away from the building you used to go to on Sundays? Do you miss your pastor or priest preaching in the pulpit? How about your favorite Brethren with whom you have a conversation every Sunday? How about the collections? Did they show up in your living room? The Church is alive and progressive and will survive even preaching the Word of God from TV stations to our living rooms. The present technology will reach more believers than the actual number of registered members of many congregations and will surely reach many unbelieving ears to come to God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

A true church is a living organism attached to every human soul whose relationship is secured as long as we stay focused on the one actual teaching. When we put all the blessings and promises that we have already received from the Word, the offer from the other side is nothing but dust. This pandemic brought fear to those who heard and witnessed physical deaths, financial devastation, economic collapse, little supplies, and significant demands. Where is our life heading? It’s distressing to experience this event in our lives and probably to distress the church management; how far will they go without a collection?

If the Church is wholly dependent on collections from the church members and cannot operate without it, the stewardship will be in question; then, they compromise the teachings that God is a great provider. In times like this, the church authorities should have enough funds to sustain the expenses of the building and the salaries of the employees. Time will come when the church people will realize that the true blessings are neither by hearing nor seeing but by the knowledge and understanding of the existence of God and with acceptance of our hearts, we may receive the wisdom of God.

Faith doesn’t die out quickly on its own; even with the abusive behavior of church authorities, they may leave the congregation, but they will still pursue their spiritual growth. However, it is evident that with this crisis, people are losing jobs, with sadness in their hearts, fear and trembling, bodies shaking to the bones, and here come the church leaders asking for a donation!

Where will you go from here? They cannot just say we understand your need; we will pray for you. There is no more extraordinary prayer than our earnest prayer. Our relationship is between God and us and has nothing to do with them.

Heaven can hear our prayers, and we do not need hypocrisy to add to our troubled minds. We live in a physical world, so we live by that standard. When it comes to spirituality, ask who is responsible for your spiritual growth. When they claim they are, ask them again: What did they do? If you feel you owe them your growth, bless them; if not, you have every right to correct their claim.

One faith, one brotherhood, one community Spirit faithful, Spirit in one accord, and Spirit is the act of loving God. Imagine the Word of God being preached in front of our kids and grandkids in our living room. I know we need to get used to it; even though many evangelicals are doing it now, believers have their physical congregations, but there is always a new beginning.

It’s only about bringing your heart to this change, not our mindset of physical church attendance. It is a true church in the making. It is the modern house church, staying at home instead of going house to house as the ancient believers did. It needs a lot of discipline, devotion, commitment, and dedication, and without distraction, we can make it. It needs someone with the knowledge of the Scripture for guidance until fully equipped; then, the teacher can go to another house church.

To stay connected with the members, churches form their visibility online. The significant impact is if this will continue till the end of time, more souls will be reached; there will be no profiling or gossiping; no need to rush driving and be stressed looking for parking; no more worrying about perfumes or new clothes to wear, shining jewelry and fancy bags.

House church is mentioned in the Bible; the church meeting in the house of “Priscilla and Aquila;” Roman 16:3,5 “Nymphas, and the church which is in her house.” Col 4:15.” The New Testament provides several other references to house churches; Paul’s letter to Philemon also describes his house as a church. The Bible never describes a building and addresses it as a church; instead, it describes a church as a family, a community, an Individual, or a group of people, with its core value of spiritual brotherhood (Philadelphia). Friends invite friends; relatives invite relatives to gather every Sunday morning. Just imagine the closeness it will bring to each other.

In the comfort of our homes, we can also feel the blessings. We receive blessings seven days a week just by being alive. Watching on TV is probably the same as attending an overflow room service—no pressure in giving tithes to maintain the rent and employees.

Churches are facing a new phase of modern worship in this modern world. These churches can reach more and communicate more to people worldwide where cable, the Internet, and other media are available. This was the new era when the Kingdom replaced the Church, which was long overdue. The era that kicks in after the death of the last of the twelve Apostles is the end of the Apostolic Age and the Apostolic Church.

However, the apostolic Church continues and passes through generations. This church government exercises the New Testament doctrine, which leads to adopting the original kind of teachings the apostles had practiced, which is salvation. The Book of Revelation is about the judgment and the Kingdom, the end time, or revealed time in this generation. Salvation is part of it, but the main focus of the teachings of many congregations is still planting seeds, which is the Church’s ideas and not the Kingdom that Jesus said is at hand.

A church building without the presence of believers is just a plain building. We are supposed to know by this generation, even the generations before us, that churches are a group of believers and are the Church themselves.

Many still do not get it and continue calling the building a church, even if it is empty. Well, of course, we can’t blame them because that was how it was taught before. Churches have been forced to continue the notion about the Church to lessen the confusion of the believers, but it is not good enough that the believers are living in a dark room instead of a lighted one.

If we continue to walk blindfolded, we can probably live with it and let transgressions continue and be tolerated. However, our senses work with the Holy Spirit; we are not in the Kingdom without feeling his presence. Therefore, to be part of the Kingdom of heaven, we need to acknowledge that we are the Kingdom and that our submission to its rule is mandatory.

We are the Kingdom! Our shyness will not bring any good things; we must be bold and declare that the Kingdom is us and ready to defend ourselves at any cost. If we could not defend that our body was the Church before, the change has come. We won’t tolerate it anymore; if you want to stay as a church, no one should interfere against your will; we have done our part to share what was revealed. We will defend this Kingdom given to us under the authority of the Almighty Father.

If Ignorance or hardheadedness is the cause of not accepting the Kingdom, the blame will be on our shoulders. We have to claim and declare the Kingdom before lies and fraudulent acts wholly take over. We should not follow the experience of the dying Church before it is too late to realize that we can make a difference. As the Spirit leads us, we should spirit disparity differently. We should do it the way we want it done according to the will of the Father.

Our mission is to bring the government of God within our domain and strengthen the faith surrounding it. Acknowledge the rulership of the King of kings who oversee our kingship, and now we are preparing the way to the coming of the Almighty Father. When all the methods and practices of our genuine relationships with the Father are put in place, we can present ourselves blameless in the eyes of the Father.

It is time to wake up and, without hesitation, claim; our Being is the Kingdom, thoroughly examine our domain, and remove all doubts, confusions, and unrighteousness.

We should be ready and prepared; the saving grace is ending, and our Kingdom will soon be scrutinized. The faithful kings will be lifted to a higher pedestal until we receive complete sanctification, and the granting of our glorious body later will be assured. The Kingdom has been around, and no one knows; the Church has been replaced, and many don’t get it. Now, the time has come, and it will be done precisely as planned by the Father.

Thank you, Father, for the joy you have given us; thank you for your patience in giving us more than enough time to turn to you. We ask for forgiveness for offending you. Father, we thank you for your breath, for sharing your wisdom, and for the joy of your love. We give you thanks and honor now and forever. Amen.

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