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The Holy Spirit

Are we being led by the Holy Spirit that is within us when we make a decision? Is it a feeling or desire of the flesh that is forcing us to believe?  Does our action make a way to our decision?  Which one do we follow, common sense, or free will?

If the Holy Spirit is in you, why are you still talking about the enemy, trial, or challenges? Can we ask the Spirit that is in us to get it over with the battle of the mind? How can we be fruitful and victorious using the divine nature of God?  Why do some Christians have discomfort when someone brings up religious topics outside the Bible? How do we acknowledge the validity of the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry?  How can we lead our followers with too much knowledge of the Scriptures but little understanding?

Are we given wisdom to lead, or just given to accomplish a single task?

There are so many questions being asked but few ears heard it right. When it comes to speakers especially in religious gatherings, most or some always look into who is going to deliver the message.  Most of the time, the message is not absorbed when it does not conform to our own beliefs or opinion.
Many say that to believe one’s manuscript, we have to find out who the author is and his or her credibility in rendering such an opinion.  But sometimes, our judgment comes in first without finding or proving anything.  Sometimes, we just believe without also even reading the book ourselves

But we have to read the book or manuscript, understand its contents; we have to ask questions and must never be embarrassed or offended when asking questions and getting the answers that would sometimes opposed to what we first believed in.

Stephen Hawking one of the smartest people of our time in his book “A Brief History of Time” brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of creation.  But after a decade and further studies, his views changed as written in the 2nd book “Grand Design”, which describes that we create history by observing it, rather than that history creates us. Accordingly, he mentioned that we are the product of quantum variations, it’s rising and falling. From one universe to quantum theory prediction of the multiverse —our universe exists out of nothing and each has distinct laws of nature.

When you read Stephen Hawking’s first book, you may be inspired and will say you like him. You may consider him to be one of your favorite authors; he will probably own his books. What he wrote then was probably in agreement with your belief system.  But then, when you read his 2nd book after a decade and, he was expressing a totally different opinion from what he stated in his first book.  

Therefore, now comes the big questions, what will you do? It is a wrong idea to judge the author?  We have a common saying that we cannot judge the book by its cover.  This is true and it should be the substance and our conviction.  I believe that these authors could not write a book if they are not inspired.  It needs an inner force, a motivation, and a goal to push a person to start and finish a task.  However, critical questions arise.  We want to know if these authors were inspired by serving God;  were they inspired for the proceeds of the books, the last mentioned is more on financial gain than spiritual harvest.

The first question is not very easy to answer, as well as the second one.  

You, I, and they may have made a decision, and maybe it wasn’t the right one.  Are we being led to make that kind of decision?  Then the blame falls into the enemy and our flesh drove action first.

The enemy of this world is no one but us.  We created that fear of an enemy that has nothing to do with the natural occurrence of being sinners or rebellious. We are not mindful or less mindful in confessing that we are partakers of the divine nature of God, and less courageous to find a way to be victorious in the battlefield that is in our mind.   And lastly, we are not yet fully matured to stand to fight a good fight of faith.

Other questions will be left unanswered giving us the opportunity to answer it ourselves.

To God be the glory.

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