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The Message

Revelation – Encouragement

Revelation – is an encouragement to live a righteous life.

As you may know, the Book of Revelation is the last in the Bible. A few changes were made to how this Book should have been titled and how it is being interpreted.

As I may recall, this Book was called The Revelation of John, then the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and until today, it is called “The Revelation.” This is because Christians have been divided not only in our generation but also since the 1st century and only united during the reign of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century when Christians did not need to hide for fear of persecution. So Christianity became the religion of the empire.

During the Old Testament, the Hebrews were persecuted because of their faith in One True God. The Ten Commandments, Exodus, Moses, and Spartacus, to name a few, were historical and true-to-life stories of the Hebrews. During the Old Testament, the citizens were referred to as Hebrews and spoke the Hebrew language. These Hebrews in the later years were and are referred to as Jews. This could be discussed in a separate topic for more clarification.

The connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament should not be treated as different, and the question of to whom each Book belongs is an act of God since it is God’s word Himself. Whether we are born under the Law or grace, God brought us here in unison to fight a spiritual battle against the forces of the prince of this world. It’s not happening due to the flesh that follows the command of the wicked spirits but the souls that give way to the desires of the meat without resistance.

The world started with the word of God, and through an angel, the word of God announced the coming of the Son, and also through His word, He revealed the things that must soon take place. God summoned Jesus to inform His plan, and Jesus did not directly tell John,  but he asked an angel to do it. God did not usurp the Son’s authority by going now to John; He has to go through the process since the Son will be the one to rule the earth in a matter of time. The Son obeyed the Father, delegating an angel to do the job. An angel’s job is to deliver the message of Spirit face-to-face to humanity.

One Spirit represents the work of the Trinity (Tri-unity). Spirit three distinct entities to regain humanity’s lost perfection, paradise, and ownership of the earth now ruled by the prince of the air. God gave us the power and authority to use His word against the minions of the wicked prince.

The Father and the Son are seated on their thrones, monitoring how people deal with unbeatable foes. We are not winning, but we are not giving up the fight of a losing battle. The battle is ongoing, and they aggressively attack the believers day and night. They knew the end was near them and would spirit their future.

The eviSpiritit owesSpiritSpiritence to God by giving them a chance to live by joining the righteousness of humanity they are trying to destroy. Instead, they want to remain in darkness. When God said, “Let there be light,” God brightened the world, and the evil forces trembled because they knew they were getting their strength from the darkness. Our bodies have no power against evil forces, and they also want our souls so they can hostage the souls to have the leverage to deal with God.

When the Bible is silent, God’s gift of imagination can be used to fill up the gap with the help of the Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the so-called, the chosen, and the elect is very important to understand so we will know how to respond. We must digest the knowledge in our hearts, and if we are clouded with doubtfulness, we must ask the Holy Spirit for a more straightforward, acceptable, and easier way to understand. We will then know that all humanity in general, and not only Christians, can come to the knowledge of God and receive the gift of salvation. God’s foreknowledge that many people on earth will not choose Him over their religion. Through the work of Christians, they will find many doors open for them and never be closed whenever they decide to enter.

“Salvation means that it is granted not only to those who explicitly believe in Christ and have entered the Church. Since salvation is offered to all, it must be made concretely available to all.”— Pope John Paul II (Redemptoris Missio #10 – December 7, 1990)

Even the priests who do sin offerings daily would be unable to help us.” And every priest stands daily at his service, repeatedly offering the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. But when Christ had offered a single sacrifice for sins for all time, he sat down at the right hand of God.” Religion cannot bridge our salvation—Hebrews 10:11″

The Book of Revelation is not about Jesus—it’s about us. The Father sent this revelation to raise awareness of things to come. Who is coming, and why? Who will judge? And who will be the witnesses? Many souls are still lost in translations. They have been taught wrongly since childhood and are easy to uproot due to fear of the consequences, which is part of having been brainwashed.

We need courage and help from the Holy Spirit to overcome fear and struggle to accept new knowledge.

Now is the time to repent and pray for God’s wisdom to bravely face our challenges. We are almost at the end of the grace period, called millenarianism, with the belief that Christ will establish a 1,000-year reign of the saints on earth. The Preterits say it has already been fulfilled and believe that the three events are the Second Coming, Resurrection, and Judgment. H has already been fulfilled; however, the resistance from Millennialism is much lesser and now less than it was decades ago.

Be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and be called the children of God.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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