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Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge

Though we know it is a sin, why do we keep doing it? Don’t we believe in heaven anymore? Don’t we think that God is still with us? If you call or pray and ask for something and do not get an answer, did you pray to the right person in the Godhead? I have been telling everyone that the Persons in the Godhead never usurp their authority. That is one of the keys to answered prayer.

God was directly involved in human affairs even after the first man, Adam, fell into temptation, which is proof of His love. Furthermore, he made it known to humans that God hates sins, and human strength seems to come from sinning, so why can they not resist doing it? But that is not true; humans fear God because of the consequences it will bring.

The truth inhuman perspective is that it hates sin and not enjoying doing it, especially when the conscience resists and starts bothering the body; the problem is not because of the love of doing it but the happiness it brings to the body. Why are there corrupt officials who make laws, and yet they are number one to violate it? Corruption is in their blood, and to drain the blood is to get their happiness cut. They have already made it part of their lives.

Why are there ministers who preach the Word’s goodness and are not doers of what they preach? Why is there more corruption than doing straight and godly work? Why favoring money becomes more potent in distracting our rightful decision?

We are in a fallen state, and no matter what we do, it’s foolish because there is always sin involved at the end of the day. Little or big sin is still a sin. That is why when God was pushed to carry on His decision to wipe out all the living creations during Noah’s time, humanity remained to exist through Noah’s righteousness. Life was reset after the deluge, and he did not stop involving Himself in human activities.

God called Abram His friend and even promised that all nations would be blessed through him, and God even put His name in the middle and called him Abraham. God continues to speak to humans many different times but a human cannot live without sins. God gave Laws to be followed, and they go back to worship God for a little while, then return to the old habit of worshipping other gods. The flesh’s desires overpower the spirit’s work that gives guidance and protection. Too many transgressions of the law, and there is no way humans can survive another wave of wiping the human race.

From the mountain to the tent to the temple, because of Gods purpose to continue the existence of the human race, God made a covenant with the Son, and the Son established the doctrine of the church and then the message that is part of the covenant about the kingdom of God was shared through Jesus’ ministry.

It was entirely misunderstood at that time. Even Jesus’ disciples didn’t get it. So there is already an issue of misunderstanding what the church was. They thought that Peter was the church and the Pope was the successor, and for centuries they held to that power, and the ignorance of the believers has been abused. Due to the protest made by a church member, the evangelicals got a piece of the history of the church but still the same; the church is considered a building.

Later, many new believers understood it better than the old who remained to play ignorant because of fear that when they turned their back, something might happen. The church is not a building but the Body of Believers.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten your God’s law, I will also forget your children.” Hosea 4:6

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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