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I Believe

I believe that Jesus Christ, the 2nd Adam, came as the reincarnation of the 1st Adam, the son of God, brought forth by God, born by God. So, Adam, with the breath of God, is a begotten son (Luke 3:38). He came not only for the atonement of the world but also for the forgiveness of his sin, which caused humanity to be God’s imperfect creations.

I believe that whoever sins must be the one to make atonement for themselves (Leviticus 17:11). The father’s sins are not the son’s, and vice versa. The sinners die (separated from God), while the righteous will live with God. (Ezekiel 18:19-23).

I believe that Jesus fulfilled the atonement for humanity (Leviticus 16:30). On that day, offerings of purification will be made for you, and you will be purified in the LORD’s presence from all your sins.

I believe that Jesus is not coming as many believe he would do the judgment; his work of salvation has been fulfilled on the cross. As he said, there is only one Judge, and making ourselves judges of God’s Law is not in our capacity. (James 4:12). No human being could ever “judge” as we are commanded by God (John 7:24).

I believe the One coming on the last day to the Judge is the Almighty Father, with Jesus as the faithful witness. (Revelation 1:5).

I believe the Almighty Father is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the End. (Revelation 1:8). “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.” (Joel 2:32).

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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