Dispensation of Time Series

Grace (Jesus Christ)

Part 6 — People now are more inclined to further their knowledge and understanding regarding the Bible, except those who do not believe or will never believe in the Holy Bible. The Bible, as we know it, is handed to “the Jewish people.” Some are happy to be called God’s chosen people, and some do not want to be called Jews for historical or personal reasons. This is the beauty of having bible studies. We can connect, update, and talk about the significant events of the past and compare them to today’s lifestyle, the archeological discoveries, and the correct translations.

Studying the Holy Bible teaches us why it was written, when, and what happened in ancient times. If we do not go outside the area of fundamentalism, we might end up under the umbrella that will prevent us from repudiating what we have taught our followers. It is hard or even impossible to write a well-organized manuscript without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, or else the book will not be published.

Our parents either teach us as they heard about it from our religious subjects, from research, or in the church. We learned that the Jews are God’s chosen people and are supported by the Scripture. Although biblical, many believe it was before and not in the present. Many disagree that God is not working for human lives to pick and choose. He doesn’t work on giving favors to one another and ignores the others. Favoritism leads to prejudices and is the work of man, that notion remaining a prerogative to some people and not to all.

God is a Spirit that gives life full of love and happiness. Many Christians claim that challenges make us strong, but some challenges cause them to stay in faith. Failure is not part of God’s plan, considering that challenges are part of our nature. It was caused by human error and was not resolved until this generation. From generation to generation, we believe the Bible to be the Word of God and still have the mark and protection of the Almighty. Therefore, any perversion of the Bible needs a lot of scrutiny and consideration.

How does God reveal Himself in the Old Testament?

God shows Himself in the Old Testament as God who created the world with love; the image of that creation is like Him, and the likeness is exactly Him. He remains faithful to men even when they have fallen into sin. Mercy and grace are His nature, and His strength is love; through love and forgiveness is an open door. He sent His Son, became His grace to humanity, and announced that the Kingdom was at hand. God made the time for judgment available after the period was consumed, and it is known to humanity and will happen in an apportioned time. How will it happen? Who will be spared, and who will perish? The way He will judge is not the same as it was promised to Noah, not with water but fire from above. This could be figuratively, but for sure, it is the destruction of humanity.

God makes it possible for us to experience Him in His story. After the deluge, God established a covenant with Noah to save all living things. God promised Abraham that He would make him the father of many nations and that all the families of the earth would be blessed through him. The Israelites become part of his DNA, something that belongs to him. To Moses, He introduced himself by His name. This name is sacred to Jewish people that in reverence to the Almighty LORD, they use Tetragrammaton—God’s name in four letters YHWH, which means “I am who I am”-Exodus 3:14. He intervenes in Egypt by freeing Israelites from slavery and established a covenant with them through Moses in Mt. Sinai as written in Exodus (Horeb-Deuteronomy) and gave Moses for them the Law. God sends major and minor prophets to His people so that they are aware of future things. The prophets proclaimed that God would establish a new covenant of grace, and the Chosen would be sent to redeem the world of sins. This covenant will be open to all human beings carried out by the Son himself and his twelve (12) called chosen and elect a man of God, who will continue the work of the Son after an unbearable and unthinkable sacrifice of redeeming the sin of the world.

Grace is Jesus himself a gift to us. A gift that brings us life and reconciles us with the Spirit who gives life, Spiritther the Almighty. We learn about the Father through Him, and through the Spirit, we are saved. OSpiritvation is a gift from God through His grace in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus helped us to know God, and through Him, it gives us an understanding of the commandments of God Him; he made the commandment very simple — to love God and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, a straightforward Word—LOVE. However, still, many hard-hearts are in disbelief. God’s grace helps us to believe. We are not only a friend but a family of God. We are children of the Highest. God’s grace finally allows His chosen people, both Jews and Gentiles, to have lasting fellowship with Him, and constant communication with Him will make the relationship closer and more robust.

The Grace of God has made many changes in our lives. We are more careful not to offend Him, our attitude toward helping people in need is more open, and our behavior toward others’ misfortune is a gift of mindfulness that there are the less fortunate who need to be looked at.   

Though the world is worse than ever, we still enjoy the given life with constant communication with Him and the promise that He is always near us. So many things are of the utmost importance, like money, which gives luxury and power and influences people and possessions.  

All these things are nothing when you do not have God. It all becomes less critical. You can buy almost everything with your money and power, but God is not for sale. God is not susceptible to corruption. He is honest with us. He wants us to do the same thing. He is transparent, proving that He said He would do it. No one can buy Him to give you favor. God hates all liars, so don’t lie to Him that when you promise something, keep it.  

There is a need for God’s help and protection. We are dependent on Him, who gives us strength. We cannot do it on our own as no one is strong in his strength but through the fulfillment and mercy of God. God is in control, and He is all in all. He gave us everything from mercy to mercy. His mercy brings the period we are now, a dispensation of grace, an exemption from any rule that He alone can amend. Therefore, we must respect the Son, who becomes the grace of God, and extend our stay in this world of deceit and temptations.

Without grace, we are doomed to sin and reject to believe that there is hope to live. The gift of grace strengthens us to be born anew, to live a new life, and all the past sins will be blotted out, and we will never look back to sin again. This is all possible with the work of the Holy Spirit.  

Grace is our hope to see the Kingdom come.  

Grace is not a thing but rather God’s gift. The Son who becomes the grace suffered and died on the cross to show that though we are sinners, we still have a chance to give up what the world has given us and accept the loving gift to us. The gift given to us is free of charge by God to make us part of the trinity and be able to act by His love and function as part of His family, justified and sanctified through the love of Jesus Christ. This God’s gratuitous gift gives us the power and opportunity to be equipped with abilities that surpass human intelligence and reasoning. This gift also allows us to carry out the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, which were spoken before by the apostles.

The grace given to us is bundled with all kinds of grace you cannot imagine. The grace that your mind cannot understand without the blessings from above. This is the Spirit of love, the Spirit of everything in this world. This should never overwhelm us if we only stay focused on our Blesser, not the outer appearance that deceiSpirite eyes. We must look for the inner value of these gifts, which are immeasurable, unshakeable, and powerful gifts of a lifetime. Do not miss the opportunity to use the gift of grace with the power and authority to fight the unbeatable power of Lust.  

Let us act using our minds because the battle is in our minds. We are under constant attack, and for us to win, we don’t give up. Please do not allow the Spirit of darkness to dSpirityour mind; fight the fight of faith. You should not allow any evil thoughts that will ruin your understanding of love. Love is not the satisfaction of the flesh but of the Spirit. God is a Spirit, and the Spirit gives life. By Spirit, we already know what love is. Respect and revere the Almighty and respect others as we respect ourselves.  

When evil thoughts try to enter your mind, say, “Spirit, you know that love is the greatest thing? Why don’t you walk away from me? I am not giving you any room in my thoughts; walk away! Don’t you know that God is love, and He loves you? Why not return to Him, turn away from your wicked deeds, and enjoy the ultimate victory with celebration rather than the temporal victory you are trying to achieve? If you don’t know God is in you, repent and feel the difference. Walk away from wicked works and never try it again. The assaulter doesn’t know what is in our mind, and we must let him know that God is in us, with us, and upon us. He will walk away.

Sanctifying and edifying grace, habitual, actual, sacramental, and pastoral grace, is an exclusive gift constituted by Christ Jesus, the grace sent by God to represent Him to us. It is grace that lets us understand who God is to us, to have knowledge and understanding of Him as our Father in heaven, that one day we may see Him face to face with our glorious body. The Father will sanctify us in the final stage of sanctification.

This is made possible through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace brings new life to us. We become partakers of the divine nature of God. As children of God and heirs of heaven and acting based on this love of the Father, we become part of the inner circle of the Godhead that makes us capable of living in God’s love. This relation binds the Father and the Son; no one can separate us from the love of the Father and the Son. Jesus will be our brother and King who will rule the new earth and free us from dust. Through one man, all are saved.

Grace comes extraordinarily, at an extraordinary time, and with an exceptional promise to individuals or groups of individuals and everlasting life to those who believe in the Son Jesus. Grace gives new life to Adam and Eve instead of death for being disobedient to only one rule: not to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil. Adam, the Father of humanity, followed God, and Adam, the first man, “through one man sin entered the world.” During Noah’s time, humans’ wickedness was uncontrollable. The patience of God had been tested until God grieved in His heart why He made humanity. God is so grateful that He allowed them to live for 120 years to change. But humans continued their evilness, and God sent a big deluge that wiped out the human race except for Noah, whom God saw righteousness, and his family was also saved with their livestock. They obeyed God, and through this grace, God gave  Noah and his household the right to be saved, which made the human race continue to exist.

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God gave grace to Abraham and his wife, Sarah. Although he and his wife were in advanced age, Sarah conceived a son and was named Isaac. Isaac, at a  later, is a sacrifice when he reaches a certain age. The justification by faith comes to Abraham and God, who called Abraham a friend. Isn’t it a grace to be called a friend? Isaac was not sacrificed. Instead, his wife bore a child named Jacob, who was later named Israel and graced with 12 sons and were called the twelve (12) tribes of Israel.  

Back in the days when Abram was then and became Abraham,  the name of God was put in the middle of his name. His nephew traveled with him, later separated from Abraham, and settled in the sinful city of Sodom, the place of his choice. God sent His angels to Abraham and told him of the imminent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham’s nephew, Lot, and his family lived in Sodom and asked God to save his nephew and spare him from His wrath. God granted Abraham what he asked. Lot’s family was saved except for the wife, who disobeyed not to look back while the destruction was going on.  

With her wife’s blessing, Abram (Abraham) became the Father of his wife’s maidservant Hagar. The child was named Ishmael. Because of Sarai’s (Sarh) jealousy, Abraham was greatly distressed and forced Hagar and Ishmael out to the desert with only a bottle of water. Death was facing this mother and child, and when Ishmael was near death,  Hagar called the name of the LORD.  God heard Hagar, and grace came upon her and gave her a fountain of life. From a bottle of water to a well of living water, God gave His grace to this mother and child, promised to make Ishmael fruitful, multiply him greatly, and become ruler of many rulers.

Another individual God blessed was Moses, who received God’s grace when his mother put him in a basket to avoid the massacre of many children. Moses was carried by the current of the Nile River and rescued and cared for by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Grace upon grace, Moses’ leadership survives the Red Sea crossing. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for Abraham’s people to follow so they could have guidelines to set them apart from their wicked ways. The Israelites’ wicked ways continued, and God made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years, but eventually, they entered the Promised Land as promised.

When God said, “I will destroy Nineveh in forty days,” He was merciful. The Assyrians repented; God did not destroy and change the circumstances of waiting without announcement. The judgment has already been dispensed. God did not change His mind. Although his warning changed their minds,  the warning through Prophet Jonah was successful. The citizens of Nineveh changed and ran for 40 years but turned back to their wickedness. God’s judgment and wrath came during the time of the Prophet Nahum.  

Malachi 3:6 declares, “I am the Lord, and I do not change. That is why your descendants of Jacob have not already been destroyed.” In James 1:17, we read it like this, “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” While in the book of Numbers 23:19, “God is not a man, so He does not lie. He is not human, so He does not change his mind. Has He ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?” We can rest on God’s Word that God does not change. God saidWhathat God said is and cannot be broken then and cannot be broken now.” God is predictable because He is unchangeable. His words He already told us in advance what He is going to do. So be wise to follow His Will, and He will gracefully give His wisdom.

When our faith is justified through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, it means that we believe in Him, that represents God to us, that He is the Son of God, who died and was resurrected by the loving God, our Father.  Jesus, the grace of God through Him with authority and power, gives us the sanctifying grace; through this grace, we are saved and move to the next level of sanctification. We are sanctified through His grace by faith, and he lifted us to the next level of sanctification, and God will insistently goad or force us to do something. He will urge us to take the necessary steps to achieve a higher stage of sanctifying grace. God constantly prodded our hearts to be mindful that to reach a glorious body; we must move beyond the state where we are now. The only way to do that is to continue to live a godly deed while simultaneously enjoying the sanctifying grace of being saved. How can someone avoid a sinless life? How can someone fight a more potent force? How can we avoid these earthly distractions? How can someone fight back the desire of Lust, the challenges, and the trials of life?  

There is only one answer to all these questions, and it will take care of everything. Let God take care of it. We have to do our part. We need to stay focused and have constant communication with Him. Our whole life is a journey, and we have to keep moving on the way to perfection, for our God is perfect, and He wants us to be perfect when we see Him face to face, a requirement for the highest level of sanctification and the Holy Spirit will lead us to reach this perfection.

The LORD’s Word is directed to us through the Son Jesus, the chosen One who has chosen us to follow Him and to be like Him, who is in the image and likeness of God Almighty. The Lord is calling us now as the elect people of God to gather the lost, to bring them to repentance and be baptized by the Holy Spirit and the saved for the renewal of faith to strengthen their position to a higher stage of sanctity. Therefore, station. Therefore, as a chosen generation of the last of all ages, let us renew today, pause, be blessed, and listen to what He has been saying to our hearts and souls while enjoying the wisdom of a reformed body with a pure heart and renewed Spirit.  

Though our siSpiritature has been blotted out by the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, we still have to submit and believe to the Father’s Word that the Son He sent is in honor of  Him, and having faith in Him will never perish, but entitled to spiriting life. Therefore, those who will reject him are already condemned and will, though. Though God loves us dearly, He made it clear to us to humble ourselves and have a pure heart before anything else.

Humbleness is to revere His wholeness and the Son who sacrifices His life for the remission of our sin.

Jesus shared the grace to us to be His family, obedient to the Father’s Will and by his brother. In return, we must continue what has been assigned to the apostles. We have to share the good news that the Kingdom of God is at hand, that the Father wants us all to be with Him, to reach out to the lost souls, and through the power of the grace given to us. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be a blessing to them, and they can be a blessing to us. This grace period is already seeded inside us, and the work of the Holy Spirit transforms our Spirit into a Spirit and Spirit and partaker of God’s divine nature.

Share the Word with those who lack knowledge. Let them be filled with the Word and equipped with the armor of God to fight against deceit, lies, and temptations. Give them food of the gospel to spirit their thoughts and spiritual drinks to ease their thirst for Christ. Clothe the naked who are ignorant of their salvation and shelter those looking for a home where they can grow and be homeless.  

Check those who walk away from the faith due to the ungodly work of pretenders who wear sheep’s clothing but wolves destroying their appetite for the truth and trying to free those in the bondage of not believing in anything but themselves and their vices. Last but not least, they must jointly bury the old habits and beliefs so that the truth will be new. The spiritual works of mercy are God’s strength but become His weakness when we beg for it, especially when asking for forgiveness. But, unlike the earthly Father when we ask, they will give if they can afford it.

Our Father in heaven, who can provide without limit, is impossible not to provide our needs. He uses knowledge to instruct the ignorant, rebukes those who have sinned, convinces those who have doubts, enlightens those struggling with their faith, comforts the sinners to feel the need to change, and reprimands the hard-hearted that there is God. Therefore, as Christians, we can bear the burden of others to entice them to come back into the arms of tSaviorior.  

Be patient with those who have already heard the truth but have turned away; encourage others to have a forgiving heart and pray for each other’s improvement, and safety in a living will be born.

Let us witness Jesus with our courageous faith, listen to our conscience that testifies of our good deeds, and learn not to look for others’ wickedness without looking into our own.  

All sinned and came short of God’s glory. The only way to overcome evil is by proving that there is no more significant work than loving God and others and continuing to do good things. These will please the Father as well as Jesus. Be patient and helpful to others, for it is the strength of honest art that reveals our behavior and attitude as stewards of high moral standards in conformity with Christian values.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must also be prepared to reject or repute any acts of aggression and protect the faith of the innocent or those still young in the ministry who are not fully aware of how to confront the destructors using the strength of love. We also have to be extra careful, for the destructors will not sleep until they do evil things. With Christ, we can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and renewed under the wings of love for Christ.

God loves giving mercy and forgives those who sincerely ask for forgiveness. Without mercy, grace cannot be attained. We cannot continue sinning and get grace at the same time. God loves us if we stay obedient and humble. We can compare our human attitude towards mercy. For example,  when we pawn our jewelry or other things at a pawn shop and ask for a certain amount, the pawn owner cannot give us what we asked for. We insisted on what we needed and made the owner agree. That is mercy, but when the due time comes to regain possession and money is unavailable, an extension is requested from the owner, called the grace period. God’s grace is our extension to regain or diminish the love for Him due to our lack of endurance not to sin after we received the sanctification that justified us for Christ.  

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Grace gives us the desire to be holy and the power to continue the work of righteous living. How can someone claim you are saved by grace when you reentered the world without love? Instead, you put yourself in bondage again. Remember,  Jesus cannot go to the cross again. You have to deal this time with the Holy Spirit. If you have died to sin again, you must work harder to regain the soul that died, and only you can do that. The One who sinned is the one to do the redemption.

Christ is done; he said on the cross, “It’s finished.” God’s mercy is His character and will not falter. His strength is forever, and Jesus remains to be the grace of God to us, and forgiveness is always available for those who repent with sincerity and truth. As it is written, when Jesus was asked how many times we can forgive, He replied 70 times. 7, meaning it is an open door, the same as letting the door open to sin. When Jesus said that He would give us a new comforter, the Holy Spirit,  the Holy Spirit took over while He was waiting to rule us as a King. The Holy Spirit is with us for guidance and care and will motivate our regenerated hearts to live in obedience and work toward godliness. The absence of godly work is the absence of sanctifying grace.

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus commanded us to love God and our neighbors as we love ourselves. The purpose of the Law is to bring us to Christ, and the saving grace that Christ gave is for us to be reconciled with God. Through our change of behavior and attitude from wrongdoers to doers of the Word, we become doers of good works, and eventually, those good works will lead us to receive the gift of salvation.  

Jesus Christ’s gift of grace comes from the Father, and the Holy Spirit of comfort that Jesus requested is now with us. We should not confuse ourselves that God our Father is the God of Order and Jesus Christ the Son, who is God’s grace, becomes our hope of glory. The Holy Spirit is our guidance and counselor who will help us to regain that sense of hope. The Holy Spirit will strengthen our faith while working our way to holiness, while hope will encourage us to live godlier works towards perfection; the grace of love will produce the fruit that will bring us together in perfect harmony with His saints.

All believers are ministers of the good news. It means servant of the gospel, and having said so, we should look at the welfare of one another and together be watchful in protecting the sanctity of the Word of God. Today’s lifestyle of the man behind the pulpit collects tremendous wealth—jewelry, mansions, jets, and many millionaires. Servants of the gospel back then were poor to an average class of people, and go back further, Jesus and His apostles did not collect wealth.  

Most of them were persecuted without a fortune. They served truthfully and honestly, spreading the Word of truth, and were trustworthy for every Word they said. Anyway, it’s the people’s fault, after all. Today’s false teachings and preachers walk according to their Lust, preaching prosperity for their gain. The members have nothing to gain but are left empty pockets as they were made to believe that whatever they give will be returned 100 times. It may be accurate, but what if that person has nothing to give but their presence in the church? What and where is the return? God gave us the grace not to be timid but to continue the race by fighting a good fight of faith. We are taught to persevere, but it is not like this that the gospel is being abused for self-interest.

We should tolerate the Spirit of forgiveness and strive towards the true purpose of the gift of grace: to achieve an ever-increasing faith and work of godliness. Many are still waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ because that is what they constantly hear from the pulpit, and they believe. Whatever we hear, the same thing repeatedly becomes a reality and believable. Jesus was back long ago when He promised He would come soon. He will come soon, and if not, He broke His promise.

I hold to this understanding that God never lies like Jesus. He is the image of God and likeness, so when Jesus said, “The kingdom is here, the kingdom is here.” Believe, and you will receive the truth; without, more will be But. Without faith, how will you get the revelation? Some will say; oh! It’s dogma!!  

What is wrong with following the rules when they are true? The same thing with the Word karma. Some think and assume it’s not good, but karma has two faces.  

If what I stated is dogma to others,  I will say it’s a personal revelation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation, or if it’s another opinion like many others, before you pray and ask the Holy Spirit, there is one question I want to ask. When Paul encountered Jesus on the way to Damascus to persecute more Christians,  where did Jesus speak to him, on earth or in heaven? Did someone witness this event? Did Paul encounter the Lord Jesus before or after the resurrection? Is it by vision, by voice, or both?

The grace of God’s kindness to the underserved people to receive this blessing continues after the Lord Jesus’ ascension. Grace through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the rule of life for the body of Christ—the church. Through it, there is no doubt that grace is an extension of our life here on earth before judgment is finally handed down without any further extension.

Though long overdue, the grace that came from God’s mercy cannot be questioned. The final event soon comes, and the old will come to pass. The new and everlasting lives commence, the Kingdom will be established, and the rule of the King of kings and Lord of lords begins. The saving grace reminds us that the Holy Spirit abides within us. It guides and teaches us how to experience God’s presence.  

As the term connotes,  it is the grace that saved. It supports what is inscribed in the Holy Scriptures and will never conflict with or confuse us. It leads us to dedicated training, study, and use of the Word of God and to be more effective witnesses by showing us how to pray short but effectively. It also trains us in self-discipline, steadfastness, and humility. With the Holy Spirit indwelling in us, no one can be against us. Then, through this strength, we could walk with the Lord as He intended.  

We can say heaven, “I am in heaven though it is still far from perfection, and the feeling is so near, and feelings of gladness are on their way, passing through a narrow gate where the true joy can be felt than passing the wider One many although, it. It is far short of perfection, the vision is evident, and the sound of heaven rejoicing for the sanctification of the highest will soon be rewarded, and it will provide us the right to taste the heaven on the new earth.

Gracefully received will eventually be wholly sanctified, and the reward for completing the sanctification process is a glorious body. From hope to reality begins to be everlasting. The reality that hope brings is the Kingdom that is within reach and here to stay and joy and will never be corrupted.

As you probably already know, to pass the test of the final stage of sanctification, we must complete the challenges that most people fail first we pass. First, we must defeat the world of lies, deceit, and temptations to get over it. Then, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can make it happen. Next, we must defeat the root causes of sinful nature that have given us the burden of this time.   We have to enjoy life without Pride, fighting the feeling of discontent and avoiding the evil Spirit of envy. Extreme Spirit or wrath defiles a man, and laziness- is a bad habit of doing things correctly. Doing anything to gain wealth, a greedy person, is sinful. Gluttony is overconsumption from food to wealth, and Lust, but not the least, is ubiquitous; a desire for the Spirit sometimes leads to the possession of things or things that don’t belong to you and becomes the sin of adultery.

If we are sincere, we must strive harder and cannot do it on our strength. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to provide the path to victory, as well as careful planning, praying, and dedication to achieve these needs. God must approve our plan to work out, and when we sense peace about it, it is approved by Him. “Commit to the Lord whatever you do; he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3 New International Version (NIV)

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