Freedom- Human and Divine

God will never tempt us because He cannot be tempted. We are made in His image and likeness, which made us a chosen vessel, and no one can ever go against our will. His weakness in forgiving us for our sins is not a weakness. On the contrary, it is His strength that without forgiveness, we will never be reformed and will never have a renewal of the spirit. No regeneration and reconciliation will ever take place.

Our Freedom of will is not self-made or made by people as it is a gift from God, and whatever we do will never be charged against us under this gift. We must be mindful that anything we do according to the will and purposes of God must be in line with the free will bestowed upon us. Our actions, reactions, and decisions must not be confused with our spiritual walk as our journey continues. Our day-to-day challenges happen due to our character and behavior and have nothing to do with what God wants us to do.

The Freedom mandated by the human government is almost no different from the Freedom given to us by God. Both freedoms need human acts, and both involve choices. The acts of free men to exercise Freedom of speech do not include the abuse to overthrow the ruling human government, do not violate the law of the land, and the right of others to exercise their Freedom within the law’s limit. The Freedom of the press must not spread misinformation or fake news; it must maintain honor, honesty, and integrity; and it must not cover up others’ corrupt practices.

The Freedom to practice religion must not serve as a shield to cover motives such as the prohibition on Vaccination, distancing during service/mass, abortion of any form in any situation,  marriage outside their group, cult, and occult practices…

Freedom of Will given to us by God is our choice to decide, act, and react righteously. When we go out of bounds in this righteous living, the responsibility is ours, just like in the human government, where there is a penalty for every violation. God is fair in all his proceedings against sin and sinners, and to forgive our sins is His strength. Still, inhumane laws and violations have different forms of forgiveness, monetary fines, and seclusion from society.

Do not use Freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love to serve one another. Galatians 5:13

Before God scattered humans over the face of all the earth, humans had one language and worked as one, and nothing they did would be withheld from them. It is the free will we discussed earlier and mentioned in Genesis 11:6. As humans possess one language, one culture, and tradition according to the acts of God (Genesis 10), they come into the knowledge of being on their own without God; they build buildings and towers. Some ancient commentators even said that they built towers to reach God.

Man’s sinful nature is given to humanity in conjunction with the abuse of free will. God came down and decided to confuse humans with different languages, break their sinful union, and keep humans from being too powerful and ending up separated from Him, which is contrary to the will of God to be with Him. God sent the deluge, and the rest of humanity began on the face of the earth. Noah’s offspring were scattered.

Freedom is not Freedom if we do not have free will and robust control over every move we make. On the other hand, Freedom can be abused and used wickedly without discipline or specific rules. The powerful can abuse Freedom, and the less fortunate will become victims of the so-called Freedom. Therefore, every man must enjoy Freedom in righteous ways.

Let the truth set us free, and actual freedom flow among us. Live as people using Freedom correctly and not being abused or covered up for evil works. Let us serve and live as servants of God—1 Peter 2:16.

God is all in all!

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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