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Fight the Good Fight

Fight The Good Fight of Faith.

We can use the Armor of God in our spiritual battle against the principalities in heavenly places. The fight is not about flesh and blood but spiritual warfare in the arena of the mind. We are equipped with Armor: God’s belt of truth, the body armor of righteousness, the shoes of peace, the shield of faith, salvation as our helmet, and the sword of the Spirit. Paul describes this Armor in his letter to Ephesians—6:12-17.

When we have the Armor of God and are equipped with the Word, evil cannot approach us or snatch us from God’s hands. When we have Him in us and us in Him, no one can oppose us because we have the sovereign God on our side. But, again, we must be mindful that we are wrestling against “wicked spirits in high places.” So, we need the protection of the Holy Spirit as the battle goes on.

Christians are at the battlefront on three different fronts. First, we must be vigilant and aware of any danger from any division of these evil forces. The enemies can use their expertise on anyone with their deceitful acts. We should not take anything easy, especially when they play being compassionate; it is just a show, an act to get our weaknesses. They will use something else if they cannot get you to surrender to their evilness. These evil people are deprived of sleep unless they do bad things.

We must not neglect potential threats from these enemies of our faith and must always be on guard. Confidence, trust, and courage will boost our defense, and we always acknowledge the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in every battle. They will flee before we notice that they did not even start the attack and are already losers.

The forces of evil and how we can overcome:

FIRST: The devil and his fallen angels’ objective is to defeat and destroy every son of God, mature and immature with the Word, with every chance they could. The potential of us to be gods is their concern because they will not win any battle against gods established by God of righteousness. We are sons of God, heirs of the kingdoms on earth to be ruled by the King of kings.

The devil hates the chance given to us as children of the highest kingdom of our domain to rule. It has never been offered to them before to be a member of the godhead— the Trinity. They envy us and are now more aggressive in devouring us when given a chance—1Pet. 5:8. To counter this attack, resist the prince of the air or his minions from entering our space. They cannot fight us where there is light.

SECOND: Vanity. Solomon said that life is meaningless! If we declare that life is pointless, it is a sign for the devil to attack us because showing that our confidence is losing grip. The trust is no longer there; the enemy may think that we are abandoned children of God, and the strength to defend our fortress is no longer there. They would think we are defenseless, but we must prove they are wrong. God promised us that He would never leave or forsake us, especially when our defense starts to fall. They do not realize that once we are in God’s possession, no one can snatch us anymore from His hands.

THIRD: God promised He would not give us the Spirit of fear but strength and authority. We will be more courageous in defending our bodies. We will be equipped with more powerful weapons against human weaknesses such as jealousy, which can cause anger, resentment, and admiration; greediness for wealth, power, or food; and stubbornness or pride, which is unacceptable to God. By God’s Word, all human nature will have no match because we are given the willpower to overcome all these weaknesses.

FOURTH: Awareness of how our pride and greediness have captured our souls, and from there, we can learn how to fight back, especially in our backyard. Prayer is our constant communication with the Father, sharing God’s Word, meditation, and imagination when time permits; fasting is an overcomer. Only through regular prayers, Bible study, meditation, and even occasional fasting does our body always crave food, drinks, money, and a luxurious lifestyle. We are a child of God who can overcome these attacks.

FIFTH: This world is ruled by the prince of the air, and they want us out of their way if we do not join them. This world lies in wicked acts; anything outside of wickedness supports God. I John 5:19. God gave this earth to Adam, and we have the right to reclaim it as inheritors. That is a powerful statement of humanity against the powerful forces of evil. We are confident that the Holy Spirit of God within us will be the bridge to call for reinforcement from the points above us.

 Lies, deceit, and temptations are all they have, and we have God with us all in all and above all. The forces of heaven are always on alert when we can no longer maintain our position. Make no mistake about it: people of God have been at war since the fall of man.

The battle is over; Jesus won, and now we are at war! It is a war in which not only Christians are involved, but it is an all-out war by humanity against the forces of evil. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our God and Father, will do the rest—Judgment Day, the end of the ages, the end of their existence if they choose that path.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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