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Fear – Dangerous Emotion

Fear: when fear controls our mind, it becomes part of our natural feelings. It becomes more real that we submit to its power and forget that we are God’s workmanship. God has not given us a spirit of fear but an opportunity to work our weakened faith with love and self-discipline, which is not to doubt the power of God and His promises to help us when we need it most.

Fear is an insecure feeling of a sense of defeat and unworthiness. Fear is a combination of worries and mindsets. Worries about physical harm that may lead to death and the unsettled and insecure mindset doubt to prove that we can win fear by defining how much we are worth in God’s eye.

We can settle fear by dissecting the word itself: false (deceitful), Error (mistake), Anxiety (Agitation), and resentment (bitterness). This simple way of settling the issue is fear itself. We learn how to avoid fear, not be burdened by our way of life, develop our faith with greatness, and settle it for the last time, which is simple.

How do we dodge fear to be on our way? How do we live with it or without it? How can we use fear as an opportunity, and when? What do we do when fear overshadows our weaknesses? How can we get strength when our mind feeds our body with fear?

We cannot escape fear, so we must learn to subdue it. We must break it loose so the power will not solidly attack our minds. We do not want to live with it. We want to get rid of it! Fear is an opportunity to take advantage to be firmed with the word of God, and complete submission to the Almighty Father is necessary with our hearts and minds that agree.  

We need God’s presence within us to clear out any obstacles and let God’s light shine. When we acknowledge God’s existence and do His will, He will be for us, and no one can be against us. In and out, our body will be covered by the Spirit of God from head to toe, fully protected and guided.

God’s mercy and grace promise to be with us and not leave us, comfort us in our fear, and give us joy if we seek Him. We are confident that He will cover things we cannot deal with, especially the force in heavenly places. God wants us to be with Him; nobody can take that blessing away from us. However, our old self is wasting away while our new self is being renewed daily. The blessings of the forgiveness of our sins strengthened our relationships with the assurance of salvation through the Son Jesus Christ, as stated in John 3:16.

As Solomon said, “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

For better or worse, God is our strength. He is our all in all, and without Him, where are we to be found, or where are we heading? God created heaven for our eternal life and earth for our physical dwelling place. Hell was created by the imagination of the poet’s mind; in other words, hell is a man’s creation. If it is the destination of the wicked, why was it mentioned only once by Peter and specifically for the rebel angels? To make things pure and true, let God be our refuge and strength to fight against the spirit of confusion.

Living with peace of mind, a healthy body, and a delightful heart is an excellent gift from our tender, loving Father, watching us from His abode. These gifts can never be equaled or given at all by a world full of lies and deceit, in addition to the temptation of luxurious living, which is short-term happiness. We do not need to be afraid or be troubled that they can harm us if we reject their offers. We must remember that they exist because God allows them, but one thing is sure: God will not let them hurt us.

We have to be strong in our faith and courageous in our daily battle of the mind, and never to panic when there is a feeling of defeat because it will only bring us down with anxieties that will eventually distract our decision and reaction to an impending attack by the evildoers who want to take us down to their bosom. These evildoers are denied sleep until they do evil things, so we should not panic because they lack strength, and we have God on our side who will neither forsake nor abandon us.

The heavenly realms, where spiritual activities happen, allow the wicked to mingle with God’s steward. Praise God, who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in this place where the battle of faith is being tested. The mind is the battlefield of faith, where the constant attack is almost nonstop, but we know God that they don’t know; we have a relationship with God that they don’t have; we have the word they don’t understand. Having said that, God, who controls and strengthens our mind to win the battle of the mind against principalities in the heavenly places, is in control. We have more than enough to win the battle when we have God.

When our mind speaks into our hearts, and our hearts understand that it is good, the thought develops a spiritual value that will trigger the gate of heaven to open to hear the message with gladness. There is no substitute for a spiritual value without the Spirit of God. God is a Spirit that gives life; everything that has life comes from God. Without God, we are nothing; we are wandering souls worrying about when a body will be available to be born again. But those who believe that there is God and follow His will should not worry, for the reward is at hand. One day, it will come that the mercy of God will enlighten their mind and start to listen to the good news of peaceful living in God’s kingdom that will eventually grace them to change their hearts and start calling the name of the LORD.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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