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Duality in Human Existence

Duality in Spiritual Walk

When someone throws a stone at you,  the Bible teaches us not to throw back a stone but bread. It is easier said than done. Our bodies and spiritual work in two different worlds exist simultaneously but function in two separate ways. Sometimes it works together, and sometimes it only works one at a time. When our attention is more on the flesh, we work for the satisfaction of our body, even when the spirit comes and interferes to stop our fleshly desire but fails; then the winner prevails — the sins. Competition always begins with the desire to win. The desire to be better is the most common, and when we talk about what we want to better our lives, the majority will respond that it is money. Money is all we want because it can give us heaven (happiness), but we must never forget that it could also bring us down to hell (sadness).

The two worlds we need to survive are in one setting. The choice is not easy; either we gain one or lose both. Which one do we want? The temporal will give our body satisfaction for the short term, or the eternal, which will give our soul everlasting joy? The present to live will eventually come to pass or the future without an end. We have a scripture that says do not worry about tomorrow, for it has its place. Do what you can do today without missing the mark, and you favor yourself.

Suppose we have dual personalities to manage; the first thing we should do is not ignore the presence., but subdue it if it bothers our focus. When someone gives us a hard time, give him back silence and calmness; when something is involved,  let your spirit deal with it. Our physical nature is to defend ourselves when we see danger; when our soul considers the threat of falling prey, we seek the Spirit of God. Our body is the weakest part of our existence; it can quickly adapt to deceit, but it is hard to receive the truth. The temptation is always around the corner.   We see and recognize it, yet we always take a second look when we pass by.

Many believe in body, soul, and spirit; others think we are made of body and spirit only. Would you care to know, or would you not care at all? We have too many learned people today, especially in spirituality; research after research, opinions after opinions, and evidently, your acceptance matters. Our mindfulness is our strength. No one knows our body except God. We can trash the understanding of the learned or treasure it as new knowledge. We should remember that God revealed His truth to the chosen if he (the chosen)  will be faithful and remain humble with Him.

He will thank us for not forgetting Him.  This means that when we acknowledge Him in our physical or spiritual life, we will be rewarded with His Love and care.


If we interpret and analyze the truth about the word with another fact, this will be difficult for others and may give an ambiguous result. But to some, it is the truth revealed, and we cannot just dust it off and find out later that both realities are rightly divided and approved for a better understanding.   Rightly dividing the word of truth also means handling the word of truth correctly. In John 3:16-17, this is the Father’s word and our choice.   Will this word direct us as to who our savior is? There is a  Scripture that says it is the Father, and there is a scripture that says it is the Son. It is still part of our journey to find who we are, what we are, and why we are here today and gone tomorrow.   Are you rooted in religion or doctrinal views of certain denominations and fear uprooting yourself to newly learned teachings? Are you one of the blessed that no matter what you do,  it will lead you to the truth?

Kissing the pictures of Jesus, the crucified Jesus, and other statues of the saints, doing the sign of the cross, and other rituals of many religions are signs of worship.   If you respond that you are not worshipping statues but just showing a gesture that you love Him,  no one can take that belief away from you.   They have to thank you for allowing them to share their thoughts.   On the other hand, if that is what you practice, you can also show more Love to Jesus by showing your Love to your neighbors (relatives, friends, and anyone who seeks your help if you can afford it). God will not send you the needy and does not direct them to your door if you can’t.   Remember, Jesus said the greatest commandment of all is Love.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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