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Divine and Human Changes

Changes occur in humans and the Divine.

When extraordinary things happen, and it’s good, they are more likely to come from God. But when in doubt, then it is not from God. The Spirit of God will let us discern when the feelings are from God. God is a God of order and truth and will not confuse our minds. He can change the circumstances in our favor, but His word will still be fulfilled.

God is merciful and graceful, not to change for our sake. We knew Him that His word would never change, but there is a way that He alone can do it. Adam and Eve didn’t die on the spot. It took many centuries before they eventually died, and so did humanity. The wages of sin are death. Humans cannot escape death and decay unless they faithfully follow God’s will with the standard of Elijah and Enoch, which ends because they asked for it.

Many times, God forgave our sins, which is a living testimony. Instead of being punished, as the wages of sin is death, He gave us a chance to change. Forgiveness is God’s strength, and we cannot measure how patiently He can forgive us as long as we come to Him and humbly ask for forgiveness. He can change the circumstances, but remember that His word will happen if you continue disregarding His Will.

Changes made by the Spirit:

The name change in the Bible is widespread, and the name itself has a message. For example, Abram was changed to Abraham. God put His name between Abram’s name and became Abraham, a friend of God. Jacob was changed to Israel, which means “one who has been strong against God,” God changed her name from Sarai to Sarah, which signifies a nation’s strength.

Changes in names happen intentionally, or God changes them because of His liking and wishes. If God does it with you, wait for His time to tell you why He did it. It could be in an instant, months, or years, depending on how you respond. There is a reason behind it that will define who you are or who and what you could be.

We do not have a new name to change circumstances, but God changes it. For example, why was Jesus’s original name changed from Immanuel to Jesus, as instructed by the angel? Nobody knew it was a secret at their time, but it probably makes it more transparent in our time. No secret is kept forever, but it is the glory of God to conceal things. The name change may already have been revealed to the chosen ones.

God was directly involved with humanity’s activity during ancient Israel, and with the involvement of the Gentiles, He extended the saving grace. That could be why the name change happened. Immanuel is the name of an angel that means God with us. We could say that an angel will dwell among us, or God through an angel will be with us; an old belief that we all have a guardian angel. When angels showed up to Abraham, they told the message of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Could it be the same message of doom that was halted to give the Gentiles a chance to be saved?

It was changed from God being with us to God saving us (Jesus). It is obvious to share this revealed truth, which is in line with or pattern to the previous history of God trying to save the people many times. During Noah’s time, God gave 120 years of grace period to change their behavior; in Jonah’s time, Nineveh was saved from destruction for 40 years when they accepted the word of God preached by Prophet Jonah.

Prophets after Prophets witnessed that disobedience pays a heavy punishment. We have to change and drop all unpleasantness that only leads us to go deeper from white lies to a much bigger sin. The outcome of not changing sooner is the danger that sinful acts can become habitual. We must turn to God because His mercy, grace, and Love are God’s giveaways, and it might be too late when the end of the ages comes. So, it is not forever, yet many still turn their back away and embrace temporal happiness. We need to change to be saved and have the opportunity to live where God is.

The human contribution to change:

Humans’ control of the Bible does not spare the Book of Revelation from this manipulation; these profiteers will change what was initially written for their financial gain and to push their tenets and understanding. Their desire to profit from God’s Word worsened when they showed they did not fear going to hell. The people who make this world a living hell may not believe in hell at all.

Whether material or spiritual, their primary purpose is to gain wealth even though they have lost their souls; to recruit lost souls, they use it for their gain.   They twist the word to have their proprietary ownership, published perversion of the original book to accommodate or to please a particular group. How much more would they need to do to destroy the word given to us for our guidance, for our learning to avoid the fiery punishment due to ignorance meant only for our body, and now facing the destruction of our souls?

God is not delighted by all the inequities made by humans’ desire for easy and luxurious living. They distance themselves by committing to sin to satisfy the flesh’s desires while simultaneously abusing God’s mercy and grace; God is patiently waiting for us to turn to Him until we find our way back. Therefore, while we are still lost, we should not use the name of the Son as a magical code to enter the narrow gate without making an effort to change and acknowledge the Father. 

We can never feel loved unless we know what Love is. Love gives us a choice to be happy; anything outside of it could be in the realm of hate that the mind dictates. God is Love, and His Love gives joy. Acknowledging the presence of God is an experience of Love. The One True God will allow us to continue the reconciliation that the Son started and finished on the cross; though we are sinners, He still loves us. We have sinned back to back; likewise, we ask for forgiveness repeatedly. We need to change our behavior and reintroduce ourselves for reconciliation with the Father once and for all. 

After Jesus completely erased the inherited sin from the father of humanity, humans are again sinning. Back in Noah’s time, God sent a flood to perish the earth’s inhabitants when he saw what had become of the human race embracing wickedness. Human existence had been reset, and later, humans sinned back in darkness. Doing wicked things can cost our souls, but by doing righteous work, we gain acceptance from heaven and later will be rewarded with our domain to rule.

Our Personalities can change.

We are blessed with Love and forgiveness from God, and we should not ignore that Love. However, some people with unacceptable personalities need a slight change to get along with others. Christian living should inspire us to change our behavior, attitude, openness, genuineness, thoughts, honesty, helpfulness, forgiveness, and more. We can make all the lists we need to change, and the Holy Spirit will make it happen when it comes from the heart. We must do it from our hearts.

We can make mistakes because of our imperfections, but we cannot always make it an excuse that our weakness makes us do so. With a change of heart, one can also have a personality shift. Practice makes perfect. We are all the ideal imperfect people of God. There is perfection seeded within us that we can access to change that lost perfect Personality. We need to work with the Holy Spirit to regain that lost perfection.

God is immeasurable in the riches of His knowledge and wisdom. He knows our ways and our thoughts more than we know ourselves.  

Was sin wiped out? Is repeat offenders have a place in God’s mansion? The only reason I can see is to stay under His wings, pray without ceasing, and let your soul try harder to regain the Spirit lost with a contrite heart. We need a change of heart, and God will listen, and the gate of heaven will reopen for our sake. If this is not how it will happen, we can never fully understand God’s decisions. “My word will accomplish what I desire and succeed in the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11).

With a glorified body, we can also have a glorified name. Everything will be new in heaven and on earth. While we are here on earth, let us enjoy God’s creations; help and encourage others for this significant change that there will be kings and priests on the new earth until we know who will be kings that will rule their domain and who will be the priest that will intercede between man and God.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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