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Christians: Seekers of Truth

Christian Seekers of Truth (Knowledge and Acceptance).

To fully reveal our relationship with the Father, we must first know ourselves, or the person who wishes to understand himself thoroughly must draw himself near to Christ. The Redemption that took place on the cross has fully restored mankind’s dignity and reclaimed the meaning of their lives in this world today.

True Christian undeniably has knowledge unfolded to them during the time of their acceptance to be part of the body of Christ and without a single dot of doubt, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit began and having said so, we may experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire. By that experience, it means that whatever is revealed to us is of great importance that the presence of God through His Spirit is now at work with His saving grace to our souls.

It was in Him that He allows the things to be known, hence, the knowledge in which the Son accomplished his mission in saving the world from sin. God so loved the world that His will is to save it, and the Son did what He was supposed to do without pressure from the Father.  We know that the Father and the Son gave the extreme gift—his (Jesus) life.

He who loves God is known of Him because love decided to work. As to the question itself, who is love?

Since such a question had arisen, it was evident that love conquers all; nevertheless, the testimony of the conscience was not able to bring into full understanding even with the help of spiritual intelligence. No idol can have the power and authority to interfere with what God has decided to do.

As Paul said in Romans 11:33, NLT: “Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!” Romans 11:33, CSB: “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments and untraceable his ways!”

Matthew 6:33 gave us a pointer, it says: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

We are commanded to seek first the Kingdom of God and seek His righteousness next. This shows how important we are to His will and purpose. When going back up for the whole purpose of Mathew 6, it concerns our worldly situations, we are so busy with overwhelming offers by the world like,  worry, temptations, and anxiety. Are all of these good? Of Course not!

Jesus was concerned about the world at that time and the world to come which is our time; we are too much distracted and our focus in peaceful living is being diverted to worries that lead to anxiety and then a restless mind. Instead of dealing with it, we should not prioritize those distractions but instead refocus on the passage with a promise made that when we seek Him first (acknowledge) His presence in our life through the working of the Holy Spirit within us, He will give us exactly what we need and we can trust Him because when He said it He will do it!

When we reject worry and anxiety, it allows us to flee from all of these just put the kingdom of God first in our mind. The kingdom of God as interpreted in many different approaches will only make it more confusing, but if we deal with the kingdom of God as the government of God we may see and feel it easier to comprehend. Kingdoms are governed by rules from the king, so, the kingdom of God is ruled by God administered by the Son Jesus.

Without a doubt idols are powerless and their existence depends only on the mind of men and not on the heart. There is but one God, the Father; and one Lord, Jesus Christ; Lord God, the Father and Lord Jesus, the Son of God, and the Sons of God, the partakers of the Father’s divine nature. He who has a strong will to combat the challenges within our own domain and defended the kingdom will be rewarded with his own throne under the kingship of the mighty Son, the King of kings. With a lack of knowledge and understanding of how the kingdom works, we have to know how the church works in their body.

Jesus will do his last act when every enemy including death is put under his feet, and the Son himself will submit to God the Almighty Father so that the Father will be all in all. Likewise, The Father will give the Son the full control of all the kingdoms and be called the King of kings and Lord of lords. When this happens there will be no more worries, temptation, or anxiety; there will never have any more remembrance of it. Our Father, who is love, graceful and merciful will grant us an enjoyable life eternal just to follow the four-letter word and we will make it there- LOVE.

Love Him and love, one another Is the only commandment since He handed the law to Moses.  Many Christians diverted the real meaning that we are no longer under the law but under grace and ignore the Ten Commandments given to the Israelites. The commandments are about love and Jesus modified it for us to easily understand it.

If we are going to define what love is, maybe we can hastily respond it’s a feeling? Feelings are souls’ attributes and we need to be in the spirit to express our love with God and these are the feelings you have to seek also.   

Our God is love. He is good and He is a Spirit. He has a son named Jesus who also loves us so much that he gave up his life to save the world (sinners). God is our Father that made us be the brother, daughter, and mother of the Son Jesus. Jesus said we have to follow the will of the Father for this relationship to take effect. When we communicate with the Father we must be in Spirit, when we seek His righteousness, it must also be in Spirit everything and about Him must be dealt through our spirit to His Spirit. How will we do that? The Father desires that we draw close to Him, as we desire to draw close to Jesus. —He promises to draw close to us—James 4:8, We should not compare the level of our desire to seek Him with any material things and even with the spirit of darkness such as witchcraft, sorcery, and others and in return He will never forsake us.

When tough times are getting tougher, when temptations are getting to your nerve, when goodness seems so far away and becomes worrisome, just remember to check the rules of the kingdom, if you are still inline or already out of bounds. When you are still in the boundary of the goodness and righteousness of God, rest assure that nothing will harm you, it will come to pass like a wind blowing dirt away from you.

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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