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About Us

Amazing Kingdom Christian Fellowship Center

AmazingKingdom.org and the Amazing Kingdom Christian Fellowship Center welcomes you to the world wide web of internet Christian outreach.

We invite you to continue browsing and discover for yourself what the Amazing Kingdom online fellowship can offer; it can enlighten, strengthen, and magnify your vision in seeking the Word of God. Experience knowing the opinion of ancient writers to the present is a treasure.

AmazingKingdom.org has been around for more than a decade now and our mission is to be an epicenter of life change impacting our world. Facilitate the opportunities for every person that seeks the truth.

AmazingKingdom.org  is a center for people of all backgrounds, a nondenominational to model reconciliation in every way, especially in the relationship between; races, cultures, and denominations. We do not encourage to change your belief but to update if necessary, since we believe that the word written in the Bible is progressive and alive, a living organism that feeds itself through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Let us hold hands in hands and participate in spreading the Word of God thru evangelization and let our mission lead those that are lost out of the darkness and our vision should focus by providing opportunities to experience and know God especially through worship, prayers, and teachings.

Let us create a spiritual environment and empowerment through one mind, one belief and worship, and by helping others to serve God and others in purposeful worth living. If we respect one another through godliness we can feel the joy that pleasing God is our desire to accomplish.

Let us find together the meaning of life through a relationship with God the Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit in us.

Mission Statement

To be an epicenter of life change impacting our world.

To facilitate enlightenment ministry opportunities for every person.

To be a church (Body of Christ) for people of all backgrounds through conversion.

To develop great relationship between races, cultures and denominations through unity.

To support spiritual seekers to explore the claims of  our Lord Jesus Christ.

To help find purposeful life thru relationship with God and His children.

To participate for the evangelization of the Word through online connection.

To be one of a leading blogger of God’s truth.

To maintain balance among the new and old believers.

Vision Statement

To present the attractiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ through culturally relevant communication and by providing opportunities to experience and know God especially through worship, prayer and teaching.

To create an spiritual empowerment thru our Sunday worship, a variety of  learning opportunities and by helping our members to serve God and others in purposeful ministry.

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