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A Dream with My Mom

In late January 2007, I dreamt of walking with my Mom somewhere foreign to me. When I turned my head towards my left shoulder, I saw a mountain with scattered boxes.

Suddenly, I heard a voice to my right. It was a man’s voice, not a woman’s, that was supposed to be my Mom, saying to choose where I want to be.

When I turned my head, it was a tall man in a white gown with a hood. I turned my head again to my left shoulder to find what he wanted me to choose.

It is no longer a mountain that is now a volcano with four boxes lined up from top to bottom. The 2nd box was already filled with something I did not know. I was baffled about what the dream meant. Fear doesn’t come into my mind; my Mom told me when we were young that when we dream about dead people or something about death, not to be scared, for that is good news.

Those people you dreamed of are asking for prayers that they need our help to pray for their souls so they can go to heaven (Catholic mentality that you can help the dead through prayers; my Mom is a devoted Catholic).

I could not get the dream out of my mind that even when I was taking a shower to get ready for church service, I was still thinking about it.

The interpretation of that dream was half revealed to me, the four boxes with only three choices. The 1st box, which was on top, is the door to heaven, the Kingdom of God; the 2nd is the door that has been closed and filled; 3rd is where the dead, the lost souls will wait for the judgment day or end of the ages; and the 4th leads straight down to hell.

I tried to visualize that dream by making an image that was not exactly what I saw. There are no plants, it is very plain, and the color of the volcano is light brown. I never sought any outside help to interpret that dream; I prayed and moved on.

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