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Table of Contents – Major Sermon

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God – LORD – Yahweh – Father
Life in the Absence of God I   True God and Not Gods. I God is the “I AM” l Our Father in Heaven and on Earth I Divine and Human Changes I God of Order and Beauty I God is All the Glory I The Shadow of God I Numbers In Scriptures I    

Fear / Sin / Forgiveness
Fear Not I Fear I Fear of Death I Fear of Hell I Gluttony I Take Heed I The Wages of Sin I Deceitfulness I Atonement

The Son- Jesus Christ – Chosen
Follow Me I Jesus is not the Father. I Jesus Heals I Three Prayers of Jesus Christ on the Cross l We Learn From Jesus I    

Battle of the Mind I Lifespan I Peace of Advice I Judge Not I The Amen I Formed, Made, and Created I Lack of Knowledge I The Right Path I Meaning of Amen I First Born-Birthright I Enlightenment

Fear / Sin / Forgiveness
Forgiveness Fear-Respect (Reverential) Stigma of Fear Take Heed  

Heaven Heavenly Places I Living Life – The Key to Heaven  

Destiny Predestination I  
Holy Spirit / Trinity / Truth
Children or Sons of God I Father and Son Both – Saviors I Son of God – Human & Divine I The Work of the Trinity I The Holy Spirit Spirit and Truth The Gift of Truth I Unity of the Spirit I

Revelation The Mark of the Beast I Two Witnesses – Revelation I Revelation – Encouragement I Message from the Book of Revelation I  

Religion/ Christianity
Religion I Christians on the Eyes of the Beholder I Christians: Seekers of Truth I Christianity Today I False Christians I Building the Kingdom Religion and the Church I Kingdom-House Church I The Church – The Kingdom I Saturday or Sunday Service I Tithes Under Grace Tithings during Pandemic Difference Between Tithes and Offering Old Testament Tithing New Testament Tithing
Finance Debt According to the Scriptures Money-Financial Wellness I  

Salvation Household Salvation Salvation is a Gift Process of Salvation Salvation – A Gift of Grace I      


Seek – Truth Mansion – Promise Power of Faith l Faith, Hope, and Love I Fight the Good Fight I  

Trust / Confidence

Confidence I Trust I Trust and Confidence I  

Confidence and Arrogance Conscience (Garden of Eden to Noah’s time) From Conscience to Judgment Lying Fellowship and What It Does Living in Ignorance

Miscellaneous Corona Virus 2019 Virus2020 New Year’s Message

Human / Humanity

Self Righteousness I Duality in Human Existence Power of Dust First Man Butterfly – Life Formed, Made, and Created Creations & Evolutions Weapons of Destruction Sinful Nature of Mankind Potential to be Gods Over a Cup of Coffee Plan Ahead Imagine To Err is Human, and to Forgive is Divine Commitment and Contentment I Confession is Our Strength I Corruption – Human Disease I Spirit, Soul, and Body Suffering, Healing, and Death  

Fallen Angels I Earth’s Angels I Little Angels I Jews and Gentiles I Usurpation of Authority I Appreciation I

613 Jewish Laws I

What We Have to Remember? Why Do We Sin? Persecution – What about it? The Kingdom – Who are we in the Kingdom? Do we need the correct posture to pray? Why unfortunate things are happening? I How Does God Bless Us? I    


Sermon – Major Messages for Encouragement and building of knowledge and understanding of our Faith.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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