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• Corrected-Nov 25, 2019, at 3:49 PM
*It is better to share our Faith by the way we live, rather than just show and talk about it.
*It is better to share the Word of God now and be blessed, than to keep it and later forget.
*It is better to share the Word of God and be blessed,  rather than later and regret it.
*It is better to share the Word of God now than later and regret it
*To live with the Word of truth is God’s delight,  than to live in the world of lies and deceit.
*It is a choice to live a heavenly life, but a failure to let the world do it for you.
*It is better to have Hope for something,  than not to have hope that is surely not coming.
*It is better to love and be loved rather than having a loveless life.
*It is humane to be selfless rather than to be selfish.
*Life is precious than silver and gold.
*Maturity is not measured by age but by character, attitude and discipline.*
*It is better to live a life full of love, than hatred that will pull you down to the lowest level of life.
*It is better to live a life half full of love, than to live a life full of hatred.
*Beauty fades as it ages and ages as it fades.
*Beauty depends on how you define it.
*Living in luxury is temporal, but living in heaven is eternal
*God created us in His shadow, and in His   shadow He created us male and female
*God is a Spirit and Spirit gives life. Whoever acknowledges His existence must acknowledge Him in Spirit.
*The Word of God is true and whoever doubts it should doubt himself first.
*Whoever divides the Word of God will receive a dividend due them.
*Our obedience will spring water of salvation.
*God’s grace is the extension of humanity of its existence.
*It is better to celebrate a tradition of men than to worship an idol
*It is better to use the narrow road that will lead to spiritual confidence, than to a wider road that will lead to ignorance.
Holiday is more commercial while Holy Day is Spiritual.
Time is money and yet time cannot buy money.
If love of money is the root of all evil therefore love can also be evil.
If believing will give eternal life then eternal life is a given.
If believing will lead to eternal life how hard would it be when it is a gift from God.
Salvation is a gift from God and grace is from God therefore salvation is a grace from God.
God is full of mercy and grace is a favor from God therefore God is mercy and grace.
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