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Imagination - a gift from God
Heaven is the product of our great mind. When our mind works with our heart, it springs goodness and compassion and it will bring good results. It is a big mistake when we let negative thoughts interfere with our passion to do good works. Our human nature enjoys the earth’s beauty and even our heart cannot resist to not joining the desires of the flesh with expectation that they will bring happiness. Though our spiritual well being is totally compromised when we allow the negative thoughts to continue abusing the hospitality of our mind, our heart becomes powerless. It erased the established meaning of heaven in our mind; the happiness towards good and selfless works, turn into greed and selfish motives.  We have to resist and allow the goodness flow.  The only way to fight back against evil thoughts is to refocus our mind to a different direction, which is the pathway to the LORD’s open arms.  This is the only direction that can straighten all our misdeeds, and His righteousness will bring peace and reconciliation after we acknowledged our wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness, which our LORD God’s strength.

Our imagination is bigger than our ordinary thoughts and when something is trying to distract it, we must not let the negative thoughts prevail.  We must be aware that there are three divisions of responses in our mind though imagination does not involve our senses but, responses do.  The three Divisions are: positive response, neutral and the division of negation, which is the contradiction or denial of something positive. When we let our quick release response which is act and react, we ignore the function of the neutral response, which is to think more deeply before action or reaction is taken. Quick thinking response happens due to our instinct which follows a certain pattern of our nature called experience.

Mother Earth wants us to enjoy our short time stay and offer  so many amenities that even our heart joins the desire of the moment  to bring happiness to the body as a whole; but we always forget that life is very short and we even forget that we are still in the battle of the mind.  Our spiritual well being is at stake and is fully compromised and there is no room to make mistakes.  We must stop playing games in heavenly places which are   the delaying tactics of the actors in this realm to kill the time so we won’t be able to track down how much time is left to finish the race. We will resist until the goodness flows and overwhelms the thoughts that will bring our imagination to completion.

If our body is the basis of our salvation and not our soul as our   ticket to go to heaven, maybe we are our talking about a different aspect of salvation.  It cannot be our imagination because imagination does not need our senses to be involved in the process and definitely not the heaven that we believe is real. Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of heaven that is clearly written in the Bible.  Let’s say for instance, what if we do not need to do anything to get into heaven.  What if we  do not need to struggle to do the right thing and we do not need to be perfect;  we do not need to be justified and sanctified, just let the flesh do what it pleases and we do not need to look on the book of life, because our names are  automatically delisted. That’s how easy to be in hell. Just imagine how life is without light. No competition to be right, no shadow of truth, no trace of deliverance, and no presence of true godly love.  Every time I see a pregnant woman, I envision the pain and suffering that she has to endure giving birth to a child, rearing the child until they reach adulthood and even the child has its own  kingdom to manage, the worries of the parents never stops.  Imagine the child’s journey what he has to go through. We can also imagine how happy the wicked people are when they recruit a soul, just one reason; they want to have somebody added to their community, so that they are not the only one having the pain and suffering of being condemned.

Imagination is the measurement of our intelligence and Intelligence comes the knowledge and understanding.  When we have an anointed imagination, we are blessed with wisdom of God. God gives wisdom to the wise. Wisdom is a gift that we should not boast around.  Our imagination can bring us beyond our reach that we can achieved, even the true mysterious meaning of life. I believe that Christians also have seven heavens, like Judaism and Islam have. If we believe that we only have one or three heavens then it will not be fair for other Christians. It should not be one because God created heavens and earth; many heavens and one earth.  Even though it was not mentioned anywhere, we can use our own conclusion, judgment and free will, if we could.  Sit back and relax.  

I heard one high ranking official of a church with decent numbers of members was talking with a group of leaders that he doesn’t care what part in heaven he will be assigned, even in the bathroom as long as it is in heaven.  I looked at him and he looked at me, but I did not make any comment and kept my mouth shut which I do not do when I need clarification. I just ask myself “what is that challenging look? Furthermore, there was an evangelist lady responded in the same topic that she doesn’t mind playing the harp all day as long as it is in heaven.  These two matured Christians were talking about heaven and they are not kidding around, you can see the glow on their faces, full of joy expressing the seriousness of their conversation. The thought they have at that moment was already cause by their imagination of the wonderful heaven.  

I read a post from social media from another individual, about having his mind set, saying that he does not want to be involved in any afterlife affairs; neither resurrection nor reincarnation is less his concern. That’s it, when he is gone here; he does not want to be there. He wants to be permanently gone, no coming back, perished! This happened biblically, Enoch do not want to see death and God took him, Elijah and Moses asked to see death rather than witnessing more wickedness. God granted their request. So, it is possible that person’s request not to be involved to be risen again will be granted, if he serves the LORD to the highest level as Elijah and Moses did. Anything we ask will have results according to the Will of God.

These three individuals have different approach how and where they want to be after life.  One that says bathroom is a Bishop and I can see in his face the seriousness of his thought.  We should not make a quick judgment that they are out of their mind. Imagine bathroom in heaven?  This is the time we should use our imagination, and the first thing to do is to always ask ourselves. Is there a bathroom in heaven?  If there is, does it mean we still have to eat to survive? Isn’t it there is no more death when we are in heaven that is why it is called eternal life with glorious body? The Bishop is talking about any room in heaven that will accommodate his glorified body.  Jesus said that in His Father’s mansion there are many rooms and this means that we do not have to worry, there are more than enough rooms for everyone under his Father’s wings.  The second person I was talking about who said she can work all day as long as she is serving the LORD in heaven. This lady is a worker and not afraid to do the task for the LORD.  Just think about this, why would you like to be in the bathroom or play harp for the rest of your eternal life? Is that what salvation means? Isn’t that is more of a punishment than eternal joy?

Do not make mistakes about misinterpreting what happiness can do when it is forever.  It is the absence of loneliness, we will not feel being tired or being bored because we will not know or feel anything about negative thoughts as those feelings would not exist anymore in our mind.  Everything that we would do is to enjoy the non perishable life.  The two people that I mentioned were experiencing the fullness of joy in their heart and no space for worries, fear and anxiety.  They might not even know that they are giving testimony needed to be heard by new converts or lukewarm believers. We do not know why I heard it and now sharing it you. I know these people have their minds fixed to the one true God who will assign a room for all of us when we get there.  With the presence of God right here in our soul, we are already fellowshipping with God in this borrowed body. We have to watch every steps we made because many are watching.

We cannot say I want this or I want that.  I do not want to be there, I want to be here.  It’s all about imagination and that is our freedom, a gift from God.  Just remember intelligence is not measured by how much knowledge we acquired but the accuracy and untwisted understanding of what we share, that eventually will be added to our accomplishment in the book of life.  Albert Einstein said: That intelligence can only be measured by our imagination not by the knowledge acquired.  Through imagination, we can possibly make a connection to a remarkable revelation regarding the spiritual truth we are seeking. God uses many ways for us to discover the revealed truth. Keep constant communication with Him through our imagination. Through that gift we can get closer to Him. We can develop and established a greater relationship with the Father, our God.

The Third person who does not want to be awakened and have an afterlife is expressing a struggle in life, that when life ends for him, he does not want to experience it again.  We are living in a troubled world and as human, we feel the pain and suffering of the body and the dead doesn’t feel anything.  All of us have many questions in life.  We can ask without limitation; why some people live a well off lives compared to others?  The fortunate lives a happy life while the less are full of hardships, struggles and sacrifices, yearning for a better life that may never come.  Losing hope is the most dangerous in our spiritual walk. No hope means No faith, and that is the bottom line.  

Our life is a journey but if we look at it in this perspective, our journey is not distributed equally.  One person could find a hard time getting out of misery and keeps on sinking while the other is just sitting around as if the fortune is always on his favor.  We should be mindful that there are more unfortunate people than we are, and they did not lose their grip to their faith and still cling to that hope that give them courage to acknowledge that God is with them no matter what and eventually will overcome all the grief and hardship and later be  a winner.

Faith and Hope comes together and one cannot make it without the other.  When greater faith is going downward, Hope will give life to lift it up.  When there is a bad day there is always a good day coming and that is proven.  All three believers in this article have something in common, they all believe in heaven and yet they all want to escape this cruel world.  They did miss calling the earth hell because they do not want to give space or time and experience something they do not want to see and definitely do not want to be there.  We can make our life on this earth more accommodating by calling it heaven on earth.   We can change the things we do not want and start things like this: Put God our LORD first, in the center of everything, we have to make sure we are putting the one true God, the Savior that sent a savior for us to be back to Him. Acknowledge Him sitting on the throne and the Son sitting on right hand and on the left will be the designated members of the Godhead. (I have a series coming up “When knowing who is speaking, you will know is coming.”).

When we believe heaven is our ultimate destination, we will be with Our Father, Our LORD Almighty.  We then will submit to Him with all our hearts and souls and we will be able to meet Him there face to face. It is a winning situation; even we have all the money on this earth and all the luck that this earth will offer, one thing is for sure that money can’t buy our ticket to have an everlasting life.  We have to be motivated to live a happy life and to have it; we must have a full understanding of ourselves and whatever we would discover, let our spirit accept who we are and why we are here today and will be gone tomorrow, and work from there. The destination of our soul will remain here on earth as the scripture in Ezekiel stated; that the soul that sin dies. When the soul died because of sin where will they be? if we resisted working on our own salvation our soul might end up waiting for available body to be born again. There is no assurance when?
(I started writing a series about the soul; what is a soul? Can we see our soul? If a soul is like a spirit, how can we see it? Does God have a soul?)

When our soul receive a full sanctification, we will be clothed with glorious body and we will be presented perfect and unblemished to the one and only Father of all creations.  Jesus has said that the Father is all in all.  He is the essence which makes a thing a thing.  If we made it to the kingdom of heavens, what will be next will remain a mystery, a sacred secret, a mysterion.  Our body knows where it is going, like what happened to the body of King David.  It is the truth that all human bodies will see corruptions. (I also have this series almost ready titled—the I AMs; who am I? Who are you? And who are we? How can we face God when we do not even know who we are.).

This is how we want to start our Imagination – Let us begin in the beautiful Garden, imagining that we are talking to God and bring the conversation to feel the realization that it exists,  that God is with us and He may give us the revelations that have never been revealed or revelations revealed but ignored for generations. When we received the revelation, adoption to the exact message is necessary and without omitting or adding to the revealed truth, we must make the right move or action so the people will react accordingly.  Sharing is a must and keeping the knowledge within ourselves will gain nothing.  We must bear in mind that the nature of attraction doesn’t work like that and that is fully expected.    

When we do it right after expectation and everyone hears the voice of truth, then comes Salvation to all the nations that heard and believed.  The angels in the heavenly realm will celebrate and the big event which is the Communion with the Father will begin without end.  From the gift of imagination to a successful communion with the Almighty, comes an eternal celebration.  Our motivation to achieve the plan and the will of the Father is to obey the commandments of love, the one true love that will bring good results.  Anything that is good comes from the Father’s thought, which is greater than our thoughts. Peace on earth is the product of brotherly love. We are all sons of God and respects are all that we need.

Notes: Meditation is different from Imagination
Meditation needs a medium or object to focus or to concentrate on. Breathings, postures or body sensations will be useful to start a meditation.  Imagination does not need to use senses. “Imagination engages in an active process of discovery to receive revelations from the vastness of oceanic consciousness. These discoveries propel us to take direct action to change our lives immediately.  In meditation, we are asked to master the art of forgetting and sleep, while detaching from the content of consciousness.” Dr. Jerry Epstein

Let us pray:
Help us Father to prepare ourselves blameless in your sight and protect us from any temptations, deceitful acts and the lying tongues. Forgive us for offending you and spare our body from total wickedness.  As the Word said we all have sinned and fall short of your glory, LORD we can only lean on you and no one else. We lift everything up to you and our humble submissions is yours now and end forever. Amen

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