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Father's Day 2019

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In pursuit to our belief system to have a closer relationship with our Creator, we recognized the title and attributions of God as Our Father. This is a monotheistic belief in Christianity of having one true God, in contrast to polytheism which belief is more than one god. God is called Father because He is our creator, provider and protector. In Judaism, God is also called Father for exactly the same reasons, except that in Christianity we believe in the Tri-unity of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The name of Father signifies that He is in control with supreme force over every aspect of the world, a supreme authority, faithful and just.

God, as we also call him Father because of his active involvement in our affairs.  The same way that our earthly father would be involved in any event of our lives because of our dependency on him. We are thought from childhood to adulthood, from home to the church about our dependency to God by communicating with Him through prayers. We expect that, as a Father, He will respond to our request. To our best interest He may discipline us for misbehaving or disobeying His Will, like an earthly father who discipline his children. "Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are illegitimate children and not true sons." (Hebrews 12:8)

Back in the Garden, where life begins a story that we  all know why discipline is a tough love—“So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep, and while he slept, He took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the area with flesh. And from the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man, He made a woman and brought her to him.” And when the fall of man happened, sin entered the world and they were kicked out of the garden and Eve then has to bear a child and the pain in childbirth increase sharply and even with that experience her desire for her husband continue and the anguish during childbirth will be forgotten and will be replaced with joy that the child has been born with love and not even in mind that the command to multiply the earth has been fulfilled. Now that multiplication in this earth began the 1st Man became the father of mankind. The bible though is very clear that the husband or earthly father will rule as head of the family. Genesis 2-3

Due to disobedience for eating the forbidden fruit Adam would have to work hard to get food from the earth and provide the necessities of his family while their child is still dependent on him. The consequences of that disobedience caused them the garden of joy and separation with the Creator. They lost their innocence and opened their eyes of what is right and what is wrong and the working knowledge of conscience begins.

God’s love comes also with discipline; “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4.
This verse indicates that a father should not abuse his authority towards their children that might incite rebellious acts. Unreasonable conduct towards a child will only result to a negative impact and nurture evil in their heart. Provoking your child with wrong spirit and wrongful way of discipline will produce adverse effect. In order for a child to obey the desire of their parents it should be done with love, gentleness and patience.

Christian discipline involves knowing God first, and that will inspire the children from growing with reverence for God, respect for parental authority: "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”(Exodus 20:12) Knowledge and understanding of Christian living which evolve in love, forgiveness and the virtue of patience.  

"All Scripture is given of God, and is profitable for teaching, reproving, correcting, and instruction in righteousness; that the man or woman of God may be completely equipped for all good works" (2 Timothy 3:16, 17). This is the applicable biblical truth in regard to being a father. As a Christian father, our responsibility is to acquaint our children with the word of God. As the Father is faithful so should we, we should show our children our faithfulness to the word of God and when we equip them in their early lives, they will remember as they get older that loving and knowing God is the best thing that they ever learned.

Happy Father’s Day our Father Almighty full of mercy we thank you for all your love and being our great provider who never fail to give what we need, our Father who is always besides us to protect and guide us; thank you for your Son our 2nd and last Adam through him we have eternal life and thank you Holy Spirit for renewing our spirit every day. For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of the riches of His glory, He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 3:14-16 God himself as our Father is the model of a perfect head of the family. Amen

Happy Father’s Day to All!

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