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God Spoke seven different period of time and every time He speaks everyone listens. He spoke to Adam, Noah, Abraham. He changes the time from Ignorance of Adam and Eve, to the conviction of their conscience.  As a living soul Adam can feel that conviction, He realized after eating the tree of good and evil, that he disobeyed God's only command not to eat it or he shall die.

This website will try to help find our life purpose, the assignment that we have to work to achieve an awakening from the dream of reasoning, to acceptance of the wisdom of Revelation. The truth will set us free as the curtain starts to unfold in our generation or the next generations soon to come. We will find out how our life will look in the future; fully enlightened, fully changed and fully charged to fight not the flesh and blood but the principalities in earth’s heavenly realm.

When we find who we are, we let go of fleshly condition and once enlightened, we will no longer be a victim of hypnosis by ignorance. We will walk and talk not dictated by our corrupted mind and body, but fresh and alive a light bearer. We will convince those that are full of fear, rebuke those who are full of sin and hatred, and we will encourage those who are full of doubt.

The Holy Spirit will lead us after we fully understand the expectation of our existence. Our free will, sometimes lead us to wrong choices, wrong decisions and actions. Our emotion is greater than our thought. Our mind can easily be corrupted on what we hear, what we see and what we feel, and that is our soul. Our soul should have a constant communication with God and that is what we call praise and worship. We need the Spirit of God all the time.

We are redeemed from our fallen state, through the Son of God. Redemption does not mean salvation from the lake of fire. We need to understand, that wisdom is from God and He gave it to those who are wise to acknowledge Him. We are commissioned to love Him, the Father Almighty, and to love one another is the joy of having close relationship with the Father and the Son. When we acknowledge that we are equipped with a righteous heart, there is no place in our body to be under the magnetic power of the deceiver. Our soul will never be dictated by the lost soul in the heavenly places.

More revelation to share can help our ignorance to the reality and potentiality of our existence. With the gift of discernment we will know Him better and help others to get enlightened. We get revelation through; vision, when we wake up in the early morning, in our dreams, signs and wonders of nature, fellowshipping with others, I believe that no man is an island, you need one to get the whole scope of what was revealed. Hope you enjoy our opening message. May God keep you under His guidance and protection through His Holy Spirit that is already in us, to God be the glory.

Dispensation of Time

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